What's Worse Than An Illegal NSA Wiretap?

Having your ISP give all your data to whomever they want!

Wonder how many customers AT&T’s gonna lose over this one? If all the other companies start doing this, I’ll be swearing off the net forever.

I assumed the answer was going to be “lots of illegal NSA wiretaps”.

Still, your one is funnier (in that Titus Andronicus “I have no more tears to shed, so I must laugh” kinda way.)

The telephone companies (and before them the telegraph companies) have always cooperated with the government. Makes sense since they can only operate by government permission.

How long is ‘always?’ Since the first American Black Chamber in the World War I era.

Few of us can be upset that our companies help the government spy on the cables of foreign governments. Then the next step is spying on international communications. That is more debatable.

So down the slippery slope we go until we get to the point that AT&T people and NSA people are in the same room reading my latest erotic fiction.

Those of us who follow these things have always known the US Government lied to us. The only thing that protects us is the huge volume of stuff the government collects every day.

In a way it is like the business with Oliver North years ago. ‘Delete’ does not mean delete. Somebody can read everything you type on the internet.


Damn, am I glad I don’t use AT&T for anything.

Yeah, but this is even “better!” They’re going to hand it over not only to government types, but anyone else they want to! Just wait for the directed marketing that’ll be coming at you because AT&T handed your data over to private companies!

Encryption is your friend. Too bad I can’t get anyone else to use it.

My first reaction to the question was “a hunting trip with Dick Cheney.”

It’s simultaneously better and worse that it appears.

At present, the new AT&T information non-privacy policy applies to their customers.

My home DSL line is provisioned by AT&T, but my ISP is not AT&T. As a result, I am not an AT&T customer. I just got a friendly email from my ISP stating that they’re sticking to their policy of requiring a subpoena to release any informatio on me to anyone.

So, score one for the “little local guys!”

What’s frightening is that AT&T is purposely recording their customers’ user IDs, passwords, click history and purchases, especially anywhere in the Yahoo world.

It seems telling that AT&T’s old policy included the statement that AT&T knows “that privacy is an important issue for our customers and members”, but this new one doesn’t.

Let’s say that handing over records to the government might help catch terrorists. Now we can be pretty sure that no terrorist is going to use AT&T, right? My point is, it seems that this could only possibly be effective if all companies adopt this new policy.

You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.

It’s ironic that this administration is undoubtedly the most obsessed America has ever had with keeping its own actions hidden.

That I don’t mind. It’s when they start commenting and marking it up that I feel my privacy has been violated. Hello NSA, if it was finished, it wouldn’t be called “draft4.”

On the plus side, the CIA can now balance my checkbook.

Yep. Our government has been monitoring SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) - a worldwide bank messaging system. (It’s worth noting that SWIFT is just a worldwide financial messenger - it’s not a bank.) Normally, this is one of the most highly-secured computer networks on the planet, but the US Treasury (sensibly enough, perhaps) has a connection to it, and has been doing data mining for the past five years.

Naturally, there is now international grumpiness and treason charges being aimed at the news reporters that revealed this.

Because, as everyone knows, freedom of speech and freedom of the press are ideals embraced only by crazed communist fascist nations.

It’s not ironic; it’s perfectly predictable.