What's wrong with hats?

So I was just thinking, why are hats generally reguarded as disrespectful to wear indoors? Especially when in a government or holly building? It seems that it almost a global rule…weird.

It isn’t that global. Try visiting a synagogue or a mosque.

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I’ve wondered about the same thing.

Yet in some religious places, one is expected to cover the head. Weird, isn’t it.

Kinky Friedman: Good cowboys and Jewboys always wear a hat indoors.

They get caught on the branches.

Be honest. Are you really talking about a hat, or are you talking about a baseball cap?

Back in the days before most young people can recall it was believed to be an indication to the hostess that her home ,or hospitality, was not too inviting and that you were prepaed to depart shortly, ----if not sooner!

Silly?-probably,but not any more than are some of the socIal rules[or lack of] todaY.

But this I can swear to------if any one of the five sons in my father’s house didn’t place his hat on the first practical piece of furniture which was inside his door of entry he caught one up alongside his ear hole ----------without any prior warning!

And in my home today the hat comes off before the door clicks shut.

No I’s A’s or B’s


I don’t think it’s silly at all personally. If someone comes into your house wearing a jacket, a hat and carrying an umbrella, they look like they’re just “popping in” and will dash off again anytime. If they remove all of those items, then they appear more relaxed and the host feels more relaxed and welcoming.

Is there an echo in “dis here place?”

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When I was in JROTC, our instructor told us the rule of thumb was that your head should be covered, but only by as few layers as is practical. You wouldn’t wear two hats outside, so you shouldn’t wear a hat inside if it’s being covered by the roof.

The exception to this rule, I’m told, is when a soldier is carrying a firearm, in which case his hat stays firmly on his head. I’m told this way if he needs to USE the firearm, he’s not fumbling with a hat in his hand while he does it.

That said, when we were in JROTC, our flight caps stayed in our sock drawers at home unless there was a parade, by order of the Senior Aerospace Instructor at our highschool, since we couldn’t wear them for most of the school day anyhow.

Then there’s Texas A&M, where all normal rules of social order get kicked into a cocked hat. The cadets wear their hats indoors IF they’re in the dorms, and take them off when going inside on all other occasions. Or if they’re at a football game, in which case the hat is either tucked into their pants at the small of their back, or else stuffed inside their shirts. :dubious:

And of course everyone at the school here is expected to remove their hats for the Texas A&M War Hymn and when entering the Memorial Student Center. Of course, there has been some debate on whether or not women should remove their hats in the MSC, since some of them are taught that a lady NEVER removes her hat indoors (unless it’s just a particularly bulky hat that is blocking someone’s view)