What's y'alls' take on the "Video Vigilante" (prostitution)?

What’s y’alls’ take on the Video Vigilante?

A comment or two he includes:

While I’m aware that he’s recently been accused of some collusion with the very street hookers he targets, and he does have some apparently long running discontent regarding his local police department, he truly has, I think, put some thought to the matter, and unquestionably, some effort.

That being said, I don’t necessarily agree with him. I’ve known some prostitutes during my life, and those I’ve known have represented quite a cross-section of society. I’ve never, although I’ve “met” quite a few during my cabdriving days, had any kind of appreciable acquaintance with a street-walker. Those I’ve known, including one of my friend’s wife, my college girlfriend’s roommate and one of my best friends long-time SO, were either dancers or massage parlor women.

None of the above could easily be described as having been exploited. They were fully in charge of the exploitation. Of the three I mentioned, one I’ve completely lost track of, one is a physician and the other is now an attorney.

But, none of the above were street hookers. That’s definitely a different scene than that encountered by the ‘legitimate’ sex workers described above.

Y’alls’ thoughts?

I’m not saying prostitution is good, but this guy pisses me off. He’s only slightly better than those right-wing nuts that drive by strip clubs, taking photos of the license plates on cars parked there, then publishing them. Some people need to mind their own bloody business. If he wants to fight prostitution, he should run for city council and crack down his damn self.

The video vigilante was arrested February 2005 and charged with pandering. He has been paying SW’s to take their johns to specific places where he could easily videotape the acts. He also gave them tips on where to go to avoid LE and how to spot them. All this so he could profit from the sales of his tapes to various media outlets. My guess is that he is a voyeur that gets off on watching.

Here’s a summary of the charges against him, and a copy of the police report.

This guy’s just a different type of whore.

What a $#^%*^ creep !!
I hope this guy gets the book thrown at him.
It looks like he might get a minimum sentence of 2 years.
Let’s pray he does.