What's your booth behavior?

  1. Male
  2. I always sit across from my wife, not next to her, if we’re eating alone. If we’re eating with someone else, I always sit on the same side of the booth she’s on. I don’t care if I’m on the inside or outside, but I do always ask if she has a preference and defer to that.
  3. No (though Fresh Choice is the only restaurant I can think of that we visit that has a booth; everything else tends to be nicer on the infrequent occasions we go out to eat).

1. What is your gender?

2. Do you have a preference about where you sit in a booth when with one other person? Two? Three?
My boyfriend and I always sit opposite each other when it’s just us, but it’s more about having room for our respective plates and glasses and silverware than anything else. And I prefer not to have my back to the door, but otherwise I don’t really care.

It’s rare for us to be in a booth with other people, but it just happened at the bar on Friday night: we started off sitting next to each other, but otherwise the position didn’t matter. I started off on the inside of 3 people, but when I got back from the bathroom I sat next to the guy on the end instead of making two people get up again. That kind of switching happened whenever someone on the inside had to get up. The booths could sit 6 people comfortably, and there were 7 of us, so mostly I was just glad to be on the side with 3 people. :slight_smile:

Oh, and we got there early to have dinner, so we sat opposite each other, but when the time was approaching for the others to join us we moved to the same side of the table and sat like that, just the two of us, for a while. Didn’t feel weird or hinder conversation at all, but if we’d tried eating like that we would have been a little squished.

3. Does the gender of the other people matter to you at all?

I prefer sitting across from the other person as well. But I never sit directly across from them… for practical reasons, i.e. there’s more room for each other’s plates and there is less of a chance of having the other person coughing on my plate.
btw, it’s very romantic on the Borg cube :wink: