What's your favorite airline? Or don't you care which one you get?

Midway Airlines was great for Raleigh until those bitches decided to declare bankruptcy.

Singapore Air rocks baby. Brand new planes, good food, on time, and they really understand the service thing.

I used to love Alaska Airlines because they had great looking attendants and never crashed. That was a couple of years ago.

The best service I ever received was on Quantas.

My international friends in the know all say Singapore Air is unbeatable.

Disclaimer: I speak from limited experience - almost all my airline flights have been between Bradley International Airport in Connecticut and either Tampa or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

However, for these short east-coast flights, I’ve used quite a few carriers (I book my flights through Yahoo Travel and usually take whatever’s cheapest). I don’t much care for Southwest’s cattle-call seating, but they’re very friendly and helpful, and their seats beat the hell out of Delta Express, which is usually another one of the cheapest options. I eventually came to the conclusion that Delta Express generally flies 737-200’s on the routes I fly, whereas Southwest uses 737-400’s, which are just a tad more comfortable (more legroom, etc.) I’m a big guy (6’1", 300 lbs) and while I still fit into a single coach-class seat, it’s always a rather tight fit, so any extra room is appreciated. I’ve flown US Air a couple of times, too, and they were pretty good (I think their Metrojet service covers the east-coast routes).


Comair get points for customer service but I call them Comedy of Errors for a reason.

So help me god, I will never fly Continental again (unless there is no other choice).

I usually only fly in Canada or between Canada/US. For in Canada, I prefer Westjet (our version of Southwest) over the Air Canada monopoly. The odd time I have flown to the US it has been via Air Canada. Frankly, I have found their service to be terrible and getting worse. I don’t necessarily blame the Attendants/gate people since they are probably overworked, but my god. The last 4 times I have flown the aircraft have been filthy from the last flight… not even vacuumed before boarding the next flight. Kleenex laying around and crumbs everywhere. Yech. :rolleyes:

The odd time I have flown other than AC or WJ, I would have to say I liked Skyservice. I believe they are more of a charter airline than anything else. Flew with them to the Dominican Republic. An absolutely fantastic meal and great service all around.

I agree. Living in LA, and travelling frequently to the Bay Area, I take Southwest whenever possible. I won’t say they’re always on time, but they generally are, and compared to the other real choice at LAX, which is United, well there’s really no comparison. And if you can find a 3 year old to travel with you, you can preboard and take whatever seats you want! Plus you can fly into Oakland, and miss the hell that is SFO entirely.