What's your favorite airline? Or don't you care which one you get?

What’s your favorite airline? Or don’t you care which one you get?

I always try to use Alaska, which has quite a large service map these days.

For Europe, BOAC.

American. I’ve never had a bad flight on American Airlines and I have friends that work for them.

Delta, just because I can get mostly direct flights out of Atlanta.
On the Honduras trips, it’s usually Delta to San Salvador and Taca to Tegucigalpa.

I don’t really care one way or the other, but I try to fly American because I have Frequent Flier Miles with them.

I fly on Southwest to LA a lot (usually cheaper than AA) and I despise them! I hate cattle call seating, I like having assigned seats.

I don’t much care. United has rotten customer service, IME, but they have a hub in Chicago, have a ton of flights, and the prices are generally good, so I end up flying with them a lot because of convenience. I am flying United to my next two DopeFests.

I tend to use Qantas to get the miles. They are good, but I don’t think they’re the best. British Airways has very friendly staff, but it is very cramped. I kinda like Cathay Pacific.

KLM always had the best food and good service.
United has been good to me but Northwest has been the most comfortable US airline.

Midwest Express. Zagat’s rates it the best in the US. Wide leather seats, hot baked chocolate chip cookies, great food!

Since I work for the gov’t, I have no choice of carrier or even flight most of the time. There are specific flights contracted for specific destinations. To me, my favorite is any that doesn’t require me to go thru Chicago…

… and mine is any that doesn’t make me go through Charles de Gaulle.

I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that I have to stick to Virgin for long flights (e.g. transatlantic flights). I have a real love-hate relationship with Virgin, as they have screwed up my ticketing on a few occasions and I think their customer service sucks. But as far as in-flight amenities go, there is simply no comparison between them and any other airline I’ve flown.

I look forward (God, do I look forward) to the day when all airlines provide you with your own personal TV screen with half a dozen channels; with music channels that actually play good music; with three meal selections one of which is always vegetarian. (Not to mention the free socks :D) Until that day I really am going to have to fly Virgin because I just cannot stand the tedium of flying other airlines.

I fly on Southwest a lot because they have cattle call seating, and I hate having assigned seats!


Southwest is ALWAYS on time, largely because they don’t waste time catering the flight and monkeying around with seating the prima donna first class people ahead of others, etc.

I fly to get somewhere fast, not to have a gourmet meal or watch a first run film. I’m capable of entertaining myself, and don’t need my own personal TV.

Also, the Southwest people are the most friendly and personable in the business.

Granted, I’m not 6’ 5", and I fit easily into coach seats. So I can see how some people wouldn’t care for it. But as for getting you where you’re going on time and with minimal hassle, I don’t think Southwest can be beat.

Midwest Express gets second place from me, but for other reasons, mostly involving the chocolate chip cookies.

BA. They are invariably polite, feed you well, and are generous with free drinks. And more to the point, I have yet to encounter a long line or any hassles at check-in.

I liked the free socks (and the free Bailey’s!) from Virgin, but having to wait for an hour with all your luggage is not fun.

I just made Premiere on United and should be Prem Ex by the year’s end. Usually for flights on the west coast I use Alaska and everything else I use United or anything Star Alliance. I really like the BA 777’s and it is always pleasant to hear the lovely voices of the FA’s.

Alaska Airlines can kiss my stanky white ass(please see my pit thread).

I have only flown El Al twice, and maybe it’s just because it was such a long flight (eighteen hours in the air, twenty-one all together), but they really did a great job of keeping us sane - lots of bagels, water, alcohol, etc. Also, on the way back, I was on one of those planes with the little TV screens, so I could follow our progress, which I loved. (I always ask flight attendents what we’re flying over, and they don’t usually know, so I was a happy camper.)

Domestic flights usually suck ass, but I would definitely give props to Continental for the service I got on my last flight. Flying from Mexico City to San Francisco, we had a stop over in Houston, and got stuck, due to rain in SF. The Continental people updated the situation on the PA system every ten minutes or so, letting us know when the flight before us was cleared to take off. And they gave us soda and M&Ms and peanuts while we waited. I was impressed - airlines usually feel no guilt in keeping their passangers in the dark when it comes to delays, and I really appreciated being kept informed. I haven’t had occasion to fly since then, but I would definitely go with Continental just for that.

Also, I hate Delta. And US Air was totally rude to me when they tried to bump me from a flight last year - I absolutely refused, since I had someone waiting for me on the other end, and they did not take it kindly.

I’ll third Midwest Express. Sometimes it’s a bit more expensive, and they don’t always fly where you need them to be, but it’s still darn good. Fresh fruit, sandwiches, ample room in cushy chairs. What’s not to like?

El Al is also good, Kyla. Those screens on the back of chairs are cool as hell. Don’t like the movie? Just switch the channel. You’ve got four to choose from and headphones to keep from bothering the neighbors. Plus the map do-hickey. Oh, and they serve alcohol to minors because it’s international air.

I usually fly Delta, since I live in Atlanta and I can get to any major city in the country, and most smaller ones in the eastern U.S., on a direct flight. I’ve really grown to hate it, however; customer service has gone to hell in the last six or eight years. Because there are so many flights scheduled so close together out of Atlanta, it’s not uncommon to have to board a plane and push back, then spend a half hour or more sitting on the tarmac because the flight’s on an ATC hold from the destination; they have to move the plane out of the gate, however, because there’s another flight scheduled to arrive at it. You also end up waiting on the plane after boarding for passengers from connecting flights, since Atlanta’s a hub. I’ve had Delta ground staff horribly botch several boardings lately, and in one of those cases, the flight crew wasn’t much better – they allowed a woman and two kids under the age of six to sit in an exit row (a big no-no: you’re supposed to have to be at least 15 to sit in an exit row).

Nevertheless, since Delta’s the only viable option for many flights, I’ve picked up enough frequent flyer miles that I usually prefer to fly Delta unless there’s a significant fare difference, especially since the other major airlines aren’t any better in my experience.

I do have to put in a good word for Midway, however. They were the cheapest option for me to get to San Jose recently, and the fare difference was enough to make it worth flying Atlanta to Raleigh-Durham, then Raleigh-Durham to San Jose, then the same thing in reverse on the return. I was very pleased. Friendly, helpful service, wide leather seats with plenty of leg room throughout coach, decent food, cookies. Unfortunately there aren’t that many routes where I can save enough to make the extra time and inconvenince of flying to RDU first worth it.

Without a doubt, KLM. I’ve also heard wonderful things about Thai Airways and Cathay-Pacific. United and Lufthansa are OK, but nothing exceptional and American Airlines screwed me several times, to the point that I had to write the vice president of operations to get the money I was promised.

Delta…never had a bad experience with them…pleasant attendants, decent food, good on-time record.
OTOH, I seem to recall my wife having some issue with American and the fact that they’ll get your luggage to you the day after never. And, as far as I’m concerned, United can fly their jets straight into burning Hell…

Well, if you can afford First Class, or get the upgrade, then Singapore Airways is the way to get to or from Asia. Surprisingly I have had great flights on United in Asia as well, but they are usually mediocre at best in domestic. Their service to South America can be good and IIRC, they had Starbucks and Hagen Daaz in Business Class. The service on Thai Airways, or just about any Asian airline that I’ve been on, has been great, but the equipment is old and not so nice. Thai Airways is also just so-so for domestic service, but it is very inexpensive. I always found British Airways nice for inter-European travel, but I have heard disparaging remarks from Brits about their domestic service. The business class lounges in Heathrow and Stansfield are superb though, if you can find them. The one in Heathrow has a little spa where you can get massage or facials, gratis, if you sign up early enough. Lan Chile is also a very nice airline, and they serve Chilean wines which make every flight a nice experience. Not to mention the incredibly attractive flight attendants.

Used to like Delta for my US domestic carrier, but their service has gotten pretty poor and on my last transatlantic flight with them almost the whole plane missed connections because they didn’t want to split up five grown men that were travelling together. Uggh.

I have always had excellent experiences with Delta and Comair. Things can get a little cramped in coach, but the service was always great. I also had a great flight on Asiana airlines. The food and the service was great. The only airline that I have had really horrible service on was an International Continental flight. The flight attendants all had huge chips on their shoulders!