What's your favorite anagram of Straight Dope Message Board ?

Sod! beater rampages dog shit. O Dear Me! this garbaged posts.
O Dear Me! this garbaged stops. I am the pest or garbaged sods.
Drab gems ego-trip to ass-head. A rampages bestrode dog shit.
Good! this best rampages dear. This bog megastar desperado.
Rampaged obese dog shit star. Good! Ape Shit! bastards merge.
Drab gaga smoother despites. Oh Dear Me! drab egotists gasp.
Promoted shaggier, sad beast. Good! is best hatred rampages.
Good! mad pig harasses better. Massaged to bigoted sharper.
Beggar star-shaped sodomite. Garbaged atmosphere sods it.
Bastards pig gem to sorehead. Rampaged sore beast dog shit.
So stormed garbaged ape shit. Garbaged, rash sodomite pest.
Garbaged smoother spades it. Megastar bashes odd ego-trip.
Dog shit beats sore rampaged. Dog shit rampages best adore.
Harassed bigot or adept gems. Garbaged homo despites star.
He’s a distorted bog rampages. God! abhor megastar despites.
I’m bastard eggheads to poser. Good! bastard ape shit merges.
Databases pig or red-hot gems. Oh Dear Me! drab gaps egotists.
Good! hardiest best rampages. Deathbed or gossip megastar.
The romps disgorge data-base. Good! Piss! breathed megastar.
Garbaged sodomite sharpest. Good! drab greatest emphasis.
Drab ga-ga smoother despites. Beaters rampaged so. Dog shit.
O Dear! best dog shit rampages. Deathbed orgasms as ego-trip.
Bigoted rampages to dashers. Good! embarrassed spaghetti.
The romps disgorge database. Disgorge the database’s romp.
The databases disgorge romp. Database’s pig or red-hot gems.
Bad, red-hot ego-trip massages. Beast rampages dog shit doer.
Oh God! direst beast rampages. Rampaged best arose dog shit.
The bigot rampages dear sods. Oh Dear Me! bigoted star gasps.
Bigoted sorehead gaps smart. Bigoted megastar shops dear.
Program’s bigoted seas hated. Bigoted, red-hot ass rampages.
Bigoted ass-head romps great. I am the garbaged poster sods.
Bastard eggheads prime to so. Data-base germ dog shit poser.
Shag bigot master desperado. Bigot gaps smart soreheaded.
Phrased so bigoted megastar. Garbage despairs to methods.
Door-shaped gasbag termites. Semaphore distorted gasbag.
Bosomed, shaggier, adept star. Drat! obese dog shit rampages.
Bra-strap sodomite eggheads. Beheaded as to program’s gits.
O Dear Me! grasp beast dog shit. Garbaged, tiresome path sods.
Piss! date garbaged smoother. Garbaged smoother aids pest.
Bog despairs mad hatter egos. Rats! rampaged obese dog shit.
Abhorred gem sadist Gestapo. Abhor megastar despites dog.
Pig bastard gems to sorehead. Drab aggress adept smoothie.
Beaters do dog shit rampages. Good! is the breasts rampaged.
Best dasher rampages good it. Gasp smart bigoted sorehead.
Bigoted or S-shaped megastar. To poserish, maddest garbage.
Garbaged harm despites to so. Database’s pigs or red-hot gem.
Some eggheads drab patriots. Obsessed, ga-ga, red-hot armpit.
Ape Shit! bored megastar gods. Shaggier, sad beats promoted.
Dog shit beats doer rampages. Beat sores rampaged dog shit.
Dog shit rampages doers beat. Gasp smart soreheaded bigot.
Bigoted threads rampages so. Bigoted hater rampages sods.
Modest garbage despairs hot. Garbaged, tiresome paths sod.
Garbaged deaths to promises. Garbaged, passed smoother it.
He’s garbaged sodomites part. Abort hog despised megastar.
Base rampages distorted hog. Beheaded programs as to gits.
Deathbed egos as program’s it. Deathbed programs egos as it.
Behead program’s sad egotist. Megastar breathes dodos pig.
Odd megastar breathes so pig. Eggheads promise to bastard.
Is bastard eggheads promote. Oh Dear Me! bad egotists grasp.
Bad gems to harassed ego-trip. Shag grim beast to desperado.
Despised ga-ga brat smoother. Oh God! best despair megastar.
God! phase bigoted smartarse. Set garbaged, sharp sodomite.
Spite garbaged, sad smoother. Garbaged atmospheres sod it.
Greatest mishaps adored bog. Bias sods together rampaged.
Deathbed pigs megastar or so. God! behead ego-trip smartass.
Oh God! grim data-base pesters. Data-base germs shod ego-trip.
Shod database’s germ ego-trip. Good! drab shag steamier pest.
Drab so gem separate dog shit. Drab so massaged the ego-trip.
Hated obsessed aggro armpit. Beast or eggheads sod armpit.
O Dear Me! beats grasp dog shit. Good! his sad better rampages.
Shod bigot rampages dearest. The bigot rampages so dreads.
The sadder bigot rampages so. Sod! bigoted parameters shag.
Sod! phrase bigoted megastar. Does bigoted, sharp megastar.
Bigoted programs hated seas. O Dear Me! this garbaged spots.
I am the pests or garbaged sod. Garbaged despair smoothest.
Together despairs as mad bog. Eggheads sober mad patriots.
Sod! pig as bothered megastar. Program’s deathbed as its ego.
Deathbed rampages gits or so. Bastard promises to egghead.
Germs pig so red-hot data-base. Database germ dog shit poser.
Data-base ogre dog shit sperm. Database’s hot porridge gems.
So pig database’s red-hot germ. God! the database’s grim poser.
Drab gem operates as dog shit. Megastar despites or bad hog.
Megastar despites broad hog. Good! grime star-shaped beast.
Bigots phase odder megastar. Bigot shapes odder megastar.
Bigoted shag sods parameter. He’s a program’s bigoted dates.
Bigoted rampages sod haters. Bright massage to desperado.
Mega bright as to desperados. Despised smooth rat garbage.
I am the reported gasbag sods. Sod! garbaged romps hesitate.
Oh Dear Me! its garbaged posts. Oh Dear Me! its garbaged stops.
Sod! its garbaged atmosphere. Garbaged sadism to the poser.
Megastar begs or odd ape shit. God! rampaged bossiest hater.
Odd basis rampages together. Pig so bothered sad megastar.
Beheaded orgasms pig to star. Behead sad egotist programs.
Egotists rampaged or bashed. Good pest breathes diagrams.
Gossip red-hot data-base germ. Data-base pigs or red-hot gems.
God! I’m the data-base progress. Good! greatest mishaps bread.
Good! he is drab megastar pest. Bestrode rampage as dog shit.
He’s broad egotists rampaged. Shaggier, mad beast doorstep.
This beast rampages odd ogre. O Dear Me! breasts gap dog shit.
Best garaged sharp sodomite. Bigots rampaged sores hated.

Just what ARE Door-shaped termite gasbags?

I’m going with Database pigs or red-hot gems.

Heheh, “Database germ dog shit poser”


You know, it would be really scary if you didn’t use some program to do that all for you.

Looks like the good old Anagram Genius Server to me :smiley:

but I asked for no bad words and got another list

Good! embarrassed spaghetti. Megastar begs door-shaped it.
Good! I am greatest, sharp beds. Good! I’m a greatest, sharp beds.
Gem database’s shot porridge. Best ship dear good megastar.
Sprigged data-base smoother. Bishop degrades to megastar.
Is sharp-edged boot megastar. Better diagrams good phases.
Better diagrams good shapes. Good! best die sharp megastar.
Good tabs gem sharp steadier. Gem data-base hosts porridge.
Good! hardiest best rampages. Good! I am best dearest graphs.
Good! I’m a best dearest graphs. Is adapted smoother beggars.
Groped data-base or this gems. Good! the embarrassed it gaps.
Oh God! best praised megastar. Good! I am better dasher gasps.
Good! I’m a better dasher gasps. Good! bat sharp, steadier gems.
Bags! I’m door-shaped greatest. Gem database’s porridge host.
Databases gem shot porridge. Groped or this database’s gem.
Boo! its sharp-edged megastar. Good! I am better dashers gasp.
Good! I’m a better dashers gasp. A biggest, door-shaped master.
Sprigged database smoother. Shot data-base porridge gems.
Baths preside good megastar. Bites phrased good megastar.
Good! I’m bad greatest phrases. Bodies red-hot megastar gaps.
Bodies gasp red-hot megastar. Star-shaped bodies mortgage.
Good! am best steadier graphs. Good! sharp, steadier tab gems.
Gem database hosts porridge. God! I’m the data-base progress.
Databases groped or this gem. Gosh! best operated diagrams.
I am good better gaps dashers. Good! I’m a better gaps dashers.
I am the beggars adored posts. I am the beggars adored stops.
Groped database or this gems. I’m good bed as sharp greatest.
Good! I phrased best megastar. Program’s best go-ahead edits.
Good! I am best, staged sharper. Good! I’m a best, staged sharper.
Oops! best gathered diagrams. Oh God! megastar as best pride.
Good! meatiest brags phrased. Good! meatiest grabs phrased.
Smoother beggars adept aids. Beggars said adept smoother.
Baggiest, door-shaped master. Red-hot data-base grips so gem.
Good! based, I’m sharp greatest. Good! gasp the embarrassed it.
Adored bishop gets megastar. Good! the best diagrams parse.
Good! the best diagrams spare. Good! the best spear diagrams.
Best graphs as good diameter. Better drag as good emphasis.
Good! the smart paradise begs. Databases gem porridge host.
Gosh! met database’s porridge. Good step breathes diagrams.
Good! is breathed master gaps. Good! habit pressed megastar.
So best so gathered paradigm. Good! best hardiest gems ARPA.
I’m better as door-shaped gags. Data-base porridge gems host.
Shot database porridge gems. Sob as geographers admitted.
Go-ahead programs best edits. I’m a best adds to geographers.
Does bright soaped megastar. Beg its door-shaped megastar.
Good! I’m a sharp, greatest beds. Good! I’m adept grass breathes.
Births separated as good gem. Boo! sharp-edged magistrates.
Gem dear sharp it as good best. Best epigrams as good hatred.
Good! the best diagrams rapes. Good! emigrated as sharp best.
Good! I’m the dear grasp as best. God! I’m the database progress.
So grip database’s red-hot gem. Database’s pigs or red-hot gem.
Good! steamier breadth gasps. Sharp-edged abattoirs gem so.
Best marriage as good depths. Good! gem best as hardiest par.
Gosh! better soaped diagrams. Gosh! I am better gasps adored.
Gosh! I’m a better gasps adored. Bags! Good! estimated sharper.
Door-shaped magistrates beg. Gosh! stem data-base porridge.
Good! based tastier, sharp gem. Good! drab greatest emphasis.
Good dream breathes it gasps. Good! bathed as merriest gaps.
Good! bathed as merriest gasp. Megastar births as good deep.
Birth separated as good gems. Good! is adept megastar herbs.
I am sharp-edged boasters got. I’m a sharp-edged boasters got.
Boo! it’s sharp-edged megastar. Good! I am sharp dear gets best.
Good! Dear! I’m a sharp best gets. Oh God! best sip dear megastar.
Oh God! best diagrams repeats. I’m good dearest as best graph.
Good brag as steamier depths. Good grab as steamier depths.
I’m red-hot adept beggars as so. Gosh! data-base or striped gem.
Drip data-base eggs smoother. Data-base shots gem porridge.
Red-hot database grips so gem. Good debt as steamier graphs.
Good! based gem sharp artiste. Gosh! bestrode paid megastar.
A sobs admitted geographers. Good bears gem star-shaped it.
Good! sharp image trades best. Good! sharp images trade best.
Good! sharp gem radiates best. Good! best radiate sharp gems.
Good! dreamier gaps hast best. I’m good gaps better as dasher.
I’m good dasher as better gasp. Good! bats, sharp, steadier gem.
Bigger smoother spades data. Egg data-base drips smoother.
Oh God! database’s trip merges. Egg drip database’s smoother.
Database’s hot porridge gems. Gosh! databases met porridge.
Red-hot databases grip so gem. Sharp debt megastar goodies.
Good debts as steamier graph. Bad postage or hardiest gems.
Broad staggered to emphasis. Phobia adds or greatest gems.
Good! is breathed gasp master. Good! I’m greatest, spread bash.
Bash steadier gags promoted. Good! a births separated gems.
Oh God! spread megastar bites. Oh God! part besides megastar.
Bias gags departed smoother. Boo! gem as sharp-edged artist.
Good! Eh! rapids best megastar. Good! I am the best drag spares.
Oh God! best gem paradise star. Good! I’m a best dearest graphs.
Red-hot page diagrams so best. Good! better gem as sharp aids.
Good! sharp gem as said better. Good! sharp gems as better aid.
Good! the steadier brags maps. Good! the steadier grabs maps.
Database porridge gems host. Grip so red-hot data-base gems.
Data-base pigs or red-hot gems. Good! greatest mishaps bread.
Is good megastar breeds path. Good! a merriest gasps bathed.
Good brass as repeated might. Good megastar rapes best hid.
Good megastar hears best dip. Gosh! best parodied megastar.
Best migrated as good phrase. Good! best pairs gem as hatred.
Good! best gem star-shaped air. Dear! Good! I’m best, sharp Gates.
Good! dreamier gasps hat best. I’m best gaps adored shortage.
Oh Dear Me! best gags to rapids. Best smoother gags dear paid.
Good! I am the best dears grasp. Good! I am the best grasp reads.
Diagrams shoo better gasped. Grab so gem so hardiest adept.
Go-ahead bridge postmasters. Gosh! database’s imported erg.

Did you know that “acid camels” is an anagram of Cecil Adams. And Heather Locklear is “leathal rear choke”. And Britney Spears is “spy bra entries” (this would require her to wear a bra in the first place, but she seems to be alergic to them).

But the best anagram I found today in my mindless playing that this thread started was for George Bush–“He bugs Gore”
James Petty
“Am jest type”

How about:

Go remit posh database dregs.
Abets pro head orgasm digest.
Head orgasm poster: big dates!
Geisha protested bad orgasm.
Debaters got aged aphorisms.
Debaters aright dogma posse.
Atheism: God abated progress.
Atheist spreads God embargo.
Bad maggots spread theories.
Bad gag, asserted IMHO poster.
Great Debates mops dog hairs.

There are loads of anagrams for “Straight Dope Message Board”. The hard part is finding a phrase with meaning that is relevant to the orginal phrase, such as the excellent set provided by Mr. Freely.

How about these:

Bright pros sedate Adams’ ego
Arses post gibe dogma thread
Gasbag thread seem so torpid
Petard hoist bares demagogs (see http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a1_295b.html)
Soreheaded pragmatists bog
Predigested bathroom sagas

Petard hoist bares demagogs (see http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a1_295b.html )

Since anagrams are on another thread, there’s no point in copying this, so I’ll just raise it in the list.

Pot Braids Gag Homesteaders

**Good! sharp gems as better aid. **