What's your favorite comedy site(s)?

Taking a cue from Eve’s “JAMES LILEKS SCORES AGAIN” thread in MPSIMS, I’m hoping to receive more sites that I’ve never heard of, plus punching up the comedy level for dopers in general.
I personally like the ARCATA EYE newspaper police log. Whoever writes that has a seriously literate comedic mind.
My credo is “whatever makes people laugh is a good thing.”
C’mon. Make me(and everyone else) laugh.

I actually didn’t read the other thread, so pardon any repeats:

Eric Conveys an Emotion at emotioneric.com—look for Kickin Ass and Takin Names!

Romanesko’s Obscure Reading Room at obscurestore.com–It’s like Yahoo’s weird News, but a lot bigger and much funnier.

My bank’s website with my account information. It’s always good for a depressed laugh or two!

Top Five

Dave Barry

Joke-A-Day: “Making fun of morons since 1997”

News of the Weird

Home of the Dysfunctional Family Circus. (Scroll down to DFC)

It’s a Dysfunctional Life (Don’t forget the archives)

The last two are viewer captioned masterpieces: DFC gives the Family Circus what it’s had coming to it all these years, while IaDL sports candid photos with…shall we say, creative interpretations.

(A multitude of different things here. My favorite sections are the front page for reading up on news updates, and Cliff Yablonski’s homepage. But there’s also tons of other stuff on it.)

(If you don’t know–you’re missing out.)

(Dave “Fargo” Kosack writes a funny column on video games every Friday.)

(Lots of miscellany. But updates have been slow lately.)

I have to second somethingawful.com. Whenever I start laughing for no reason and I tell my wife it’s because I was thinking about something I read earlier when she asks, she asks if it was from somethingawful.com. Usually, it is.


brunching.com is good.

http://www.penny-arcade.com is a thrice weekly comic strip and column about videogames, technology, corporate idiots, and generally interesting stuff. It’s incredibly funny.

thebench.com (it may have moved) is a community drawn comic strip hosted and run by the penny-arcade people. Since anyone can submit a strip, lots of them are dumb and repetitive. But every now and then there’s comic genius.

Here are some sites I like.

http://www.jabootu.com - Reviews of bad movies. The review of Highlander 2 is especially funny - “I must confess to having but one motivation [for writing this review]–Revenge.”

http://www.kissthisguy.com - Misheard song lyrics.

http://www.engrish.com - Bad translations.

http://www.bad-candy.com - Adventures eating very bad candy, such as extra salty licorice. (Yes, I know there are people on this board who like it.)

http://x-entertainment.com - Various oddly humorous articles. I recommend “The Worst Witch - Special Halloween Expose On The Most Disturbing Movie Ever Made!”

For more traditional humor, here are some websites with newspaper comis. Drabble, Mutts, Dilbert, New Yorker cartoons, etc.

http://www.cartoonbank.com - New Yorker cartoons

Oops, messed one up - http://comics.com

Betty Bowers is a Better Christian than You


Movie reviews particularly good - check out “Hannibal.”

It was in high gear for the entire election season, but it’s slowed down a bit lately. Check some of the archived articles.

Weird news, links to other strange sites, etc…

In the great tradition of translation sites, this one puts obscenities in text.

I second: www.theonion.com

And I recommend: www.landoverbaptist.com Although, I must warn you that this site is not for the religious conservatives. The letters section is pretty funny too.

I must second Ashtar’s choice of http://www.seanbaby.com – hilights include the Superfriends page (I prefer the classic page to the new one, but both are excellent), the Hostess Reviews (including all of the Hostess twinkie and fruit pie ads that appeared in old comics, with reviews by Luke Cage, Dr. Doom, and Mr. Fish), and the NES page (20 worst video games, lots of other great stuff). The first time I read the Superfriends page I literally cried from laughing so hard (which drew a lot of attention from everyone else in the computer center at school).

http://www.theonion.com of course, and the equally good http://www.nationallampoon.com

For the guy who suggested Penny Arcade, try pvponline.com, it’s updated more and is also about video games.

Also (even though in week it won’t be updated anymore) timmybighands.com, from the minds of MST3K.