What's your favorite cuisine?

Pretty self-explanatory. It could be an ethnicity, such as Italian, or a style, like BBQ, or even a specific food, like pizza or cold sandwiches. It should be something that you could eat several nights per week.

For me it would be seafood cooked in either American or French style. Lobster, crab, scallops, shrimp, scrod, baked, boiled, or fried and drenched in butter and lemon juice. Baked potato and a house salad complete the meal.

What’s yours?


In ethnicity that usually means Italian. And I quite like pesto (especially my mother’s homemade home-grown pesto, mmm). But pasta in general.

Chinese - mainly it’s the sauces. Never tried it until I was like 20, I would eat it every meal now, except breakfast. I tease my mom about having a Chinese mailman 55 years ago. So far she isn’t denying it.

Indian (vegetarian) for me. Yum.

Indian vegetarian is certainly delicious. I’ll have the meat too though. Nothing beats good spicy Indian food.

The funny thing about meat dishes is the sauces are better than the meat itself. And I don’t know of any vegetarian dishes that have the same kinds of sauces. I’ve never seen broccoli vidaloo, for instance. I’d be perfectly happy with chicken korma without the chicken, or lamb saag without the lamb.


Then Italian, Chinese and Mexican/Tex-Mex.

Oh boy. It changes from week to week.

Overall, I love the diversity and spices of Thai cuisine, particularly the lighter coconut-less fare of Northern Thailand (jungle curries and that sort of thing). Szechuan and Hunan would be up there, too. Close behind would be Yucatecan or Oaxacan. If I can claim “Mexican” in general, so much the better. Punjabi, or the general “Indian” would be up in the mix, too.

But, even with that, I’d get burnt out and want to go back to more classical European fare to mix things up. (And, of course, BBQ).

Indian by far. There’s just a ton of diversity and regional variation. My parents lived all over India before they had kids and my mom knows a lot of the different styles so we’re totally spoiled.

Other Favourites:

Almost all the countries in Southeast Asia: Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian
Pizza and Lasagne

The only exotic cuisines I don’t like are the kind of “watery Indian” cuisines as I call them-Afghani, Nepali, Tibetan etc. Mostly I’ll dine there for the atmosphere, the dishes are always mediocre.

I would say Chinese, in that if I had to pick one and only one cuisine to eat for the rest of my life. But saying “Chinese” is like saying “European”, so I really don’t think that’s fair.

Second would be Italian.

I’ve started this response several times, but keep thinking of another cuisine I like more/as much and having to change it. I can’t choose!

Mediterranean mostly, especially Lebanese and Egyptian (though one of my favorite dish is the Tunisian mloukhia, and not the more well known Egyptian one). The Egyptian moussaka is a wonder.

Other than that I love Alsatian meals, could kill for a dish of choucroute.

Taco truck.

Followed by Mediterranean and Indian. But if I had to pick just one for the rest of my days, it’d be Taco Truck.

That kind with the food.

I forgot to add- our Persian neighbors are AWESOME cooks. Half my synagogue is Persian, so that’s a lot of neighbors.

French all the way. Best sauces and overall cuisine.

What is American style seafood? Deep-fried?

  1. Mex, Tex-Mex
  2. Pizza

I eat pasta all the time but only because it’s easy. I like Indian better but don’t eat it as often, which has the added benefit of making the times that I do eat it more “special”.

Boy… soul food. Salt, sugar, fat, pork, and hot sauce. Those are the basic food groups, right?

Having said that, I find Asian staples like stir-fry and bibimbap to be my comfort foods… and most of what I cook at home is Mediterranean.