What's your favorite low impact workout video?

I’ve recently given up smoking (8 months – 2 weeks, Hooray!) and have suffered the back lash of adding on a “few” pounds. Granted, I only went from 120 to 135 but it’s all in the waist/hips area and the jeans are fitting a little snug. :frowning:

I figured I would kick the smoking habit first then come back and worry about the weight loss after the fact. One thing at a time… Well, I am now at that “after the fact” time and would like some recommendations on low impact work out videos that I can do from the air conditioned comfort of my own home to work the abs/hip areas. I started briskly walking 3 miles a day about 2 ½ weeks ago and have noticed a significant improvement in my cardiovascular health but I can’t seem to get these few inches to budge off my hips. I prefer not to jog or do step aerobics because of a previous knee injury that really gets irritated when I run so floor exercises and walking are my only options. And before you offer, Tae-Bo is out of the question. It’s very difficult to put all of my weight on my one knee and do those kicks. Any opinions and success stories will be greatly appreciated !

Oh yeah… I almost forgot. I have significantly cut back on the amount of fat and carbs that I consume on a daily basis and try to limit my Caloric intake to around 1200/day hoping that this would help. So far it’s not working. I’ve been eating this way for at least 3 weeks combined with the walking.

It’s pretty corny, but I like Richard Simmons’ “Disco Sweat.” You just gotta laugh at that guy and that’s always a plus when exercising.

I think your daily caloric intake is too low (your body is clinging to the fat because it’s not sure when it’s going to get more fuel.) And your carbs might be too low. The carbs that should be cut are simple carbs like pasta and white flour products, but complex carbs like beans, potatoes and whole grain products are low in fat and pure energy as far as your body is concerned. (That’s the current party line, anyway.)

Kathy Smith has a great line of videos. I like the one that has three 20 minute workouts on one tape. One is toning, one is aerobics, and I believe the last is a stretching one. The toning is great and has one lady doing the moves in the “easy” way.

I use the “MTV’s ‘The Grind’” workout video (I think there’s more than one–the one I use is hip-hop aerobics). It’s pretty simple, but at the same time it does increase in intensity from beginning to end. It also includes warm-up and cool-down stretching, as well as an ab workout.

I’m sure I look like an epileptic moose trying to mimic the dance moves, but I always feel like I get a good workout.

Plus, Eric Nies is very easy to look at…

I like Ecstasy In Germany. It really gets my heart pumping, and yet, I never have to leave the couch, so it’s very low impact.


I guess I never really thought about that. But, going from a diet which consisted of Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, Mickey D’s for lunch and usually no dinner I think I’m heading in the right direction. Once you hit 30 AND quit smoking that metabolism sure does slow down. I can remember a day when I could eat like that and not think twice about it.

My diet mostly consists of a light breakfast, salad/baked potato combo for lunch and then a light dinner (usually fish or chicken) and lots of vegetables and fruits. I pretty much don’t set a limit on the amount of vegetables I eat but I do watch the fruit because of the sugar. I realize that the calories are low, but I don’t feel hungry so I don’t want to force myself to eat any more than I am.

That will be me… the one over in the corner doing it the “easy” way. :smiley:

Behind the Green Door

If it were that easy, I’d be anorexic by now ! :eek:


Huh?? :confused: I’m not getting the reference on this one.