What's your favorite Republican News Source

I feel that I’m not getting a balanced perspective of politics in general. I live in a left leaning area of the country (Southern California) and most of the websites I enjoy reading slant left.

What is a good, well balanced republican news source? It must be based online; I don’t own a TV or listen to radio.

This is fairly good: http://american.com/

Drudge is a really good news site that slants to the right.

I’ve enjoyed articles from The Economist, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal.

I’d recommend The National Review. Though it’s more commentary than news, it’s usually well-written and thought-provoking.

Neither the Economist nor the Guardian is even American, much less “Republican”. The WSJ’s editorial page has a sharp slant to the U.S. right, no doubt about that, but the news content, as I understand it, is generally kept pretty neutral (as much as one can, of course).

What does “well balanced Republican new source” mean? Do you mean, right-leaning but not crazy right-wing? Or do you mean right-wing but balanced in the kinds of things it covers?

Drudge and NRO are the Right’s equivalent of Huffington Post and Daily Kos. Not news, and not really part of a well-balanced media diet.

The American Conservative is a moderate GOP/Conservative news magazine and website. It represents a shrinking slice of the GOP, but it also represents decidedly conservative (if also rational and moderate) perspectives.

Reason.com is a notch above many others on the right. It is supposed to be a Libertarian magazine, but its more and more a GOP magazine every day. Volokh Conspiracy is a great conservative-leaning site, but it is mostly legal news (though they touch on a lot of topics through a legal lens). The Cato Institute’s website also falls into this category of technically non-partisan but basically GOP and much better than NRO, Weekly Standard, Drudge, etc.

The Economist isn’t American, as mentioned, nor is it Conservative. But it does represent the free market position on all things, which sometimes coincides with the GOP position. And it has fairly substantial coverage of American politics. It is also among the very best sources of news, and their website is great. If you’re looking to diversify your media intake, it is a fantastic choice.

Drudge is all news, you never see him make an editorial or write an opinion piece. He links to important and interesting stories mainly in mainstream news outlets.
Back when Taki was running it the joke was the American Conservative was neither. Now it is a paleo conservative magazine and populist not moderate.

Drudge selects and writes headlines for stories that sell a particular conservative narrative. Often this involves raising the profile of “reporting” that is just hackish and usually wrong investigation by the likes of The Blaze. Exhibit A this week was the whole Amber Alert falsestorm.

He does not select stories based on their newsworthiness and write neutral informative headlines. Many important stories go entirely unreported by Drudge because there is no good conservative spin for them.

It is in almost all respects the right-wing equivalent of the Huffington Post. So if the Huffington Post strikes you as just “links to important and interesting stories mainly in mainstream news outlets” then you’ll find the same thing on Drudge but from the opposite political perspective.

I wouldn’t call it paleoconservative or populist, but I could be getting an unrepresentative sample. I click through it maybe once a month and tend to click on stories where I think they have an interesting or new(-to-me) perspective.