What's Your Favorite Urban Legend?

Mine is this:

Teddy Bared

It’s my favorite because it’s so touching it brought tears to my eyes.

Read it and see if it doesn’t make you go all boo-hoo-hoo, gimme a handkerchief.

It’s hard to believe that the Teddy story was an Urban Legend.
When I think of Urban Legends I always think of nasty lies.

My most gullable Urban Legend traps that I fell into by believing and passing them on were:

The Macy’s cookie. That is where this guy was at the Macy’s restaurant and asked for the cookie recipe while he ate lunch. He got his lunch bill and it was for $250. He told the waitress he only had a salad. She said the cost was for the cookie recipe. He told her he changed her mind but she said the secret recipe was out and there was nothing she could do. So in order to get back at Macy’s he published their secret cookie recipe on the internet for free. I took that one hook line and sinker. (The cookie recipe is very good btw)

Also I fell for the kid that drank coke and ate pop rocks at the same time and died.

Then there was the one where I was told by the nurse (while I was in the hospital delivering my third child) that the girl next to me (who was African-American) named her child Shithead.
It was pronounced Shatheed but spelled just like that Shithead.
I have been telling this story for 15 years! I just found out on SDMB that it was an Urban Legend like a week ago.

I like the one where the gerbil gets shot out the guy’s butt.

That one is very touching, jeanster, especially if you’ve had that one special teacher in your own life.

But my favorite, pre-computer, pre-me, older than dirt one is The Hook.

This one has always cracked me up.

The Jane Fonda nonsense.

Puppy in the microwave. So tragic.

The rocket car is the best. I always wanted to do that myself.

This one started me on verifying e-mails and stories. This is one of the first stories that I verified on Snopes.com


and for Heavens sake, I just found out (right now) that Snuff films are an Urban Legend. So I guess you can say, I really fell for this one.


The story where the father who loved orange jello and lemon jello named his twin daughters Oranjello and Lemonjello.

I’ve met at least two people who have repeated this story to me, always referring to a friend/brother/sister who knew went to school with the twin girls.

C’mon guys, it HAS to be the duck echo thing!

When ATMs first came online, a rumor spread that when you were at the end of your transaction, after getting your money, and the machine is asking you for ‘anything else you want?’, if you hit “Cancel,” the transaction was deleted, even tho you already got your money.

Can’t tell you how many times I heard that one. :rolleyes: Even if it did happen once, there’s no way any bank would allow for such a glitch to exist. If nothing else, the ATMs would’ve been shutdown until someone found out how al the money was disappearing.

Anybody else remember that one?


When I was a kid, we all knew that a certain fast food restaurant made its burgers out of worms instead of actual hamburger. And we had all heard the horror story of the little girl who poured poprocks down her ears and then poured soda down her ears and her brain had exploded. (No, we did not bother to ask why a kid was pouring stuff down her ears in the first place.)

And in High School everyone knew that a girl with a beehive hairdo had died after black widows set up camp in it, and that a woman visiting Mexico had found a chihuahua only to later discover it was a sewer rat. And of course there were the local legends, like the one about a Satan Worship church being located on 3rd Street and the Satan Worshippers handing out drugs and porn on the street corners downtown.

It’s hard to say which one was my favorite, but I’d go with the Pop Rocks.

And let us not forget that Mr. Ed was a zebra.

My favorite has got to be that Mr. Rodgers was a USMC sniper. He always wore long sleeve shirts and sweaters to cover up the tally marks that he tattooed on his arms every time he shot someone. Sadly I JUST found out that this wasn’t true.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a direct link, but go here, and click on the first heading ("Famous psychic predicts Halloween murder on campus.*). I went to one of the colleges on the list at the bottom. Several people were convinced that they were going to be hacked to death by Little Bo Peep. It was kind of funny, really.

I like the one about the African natives being horrified to find “baby food” on their grocers shelves. http://www.snopes.com/business/market/babyfood.asp


I have simple taste in this regard; I like the Soupy Sales and the Bozo legends.

In Dallas, it’s the Lady of the Lake: