What's Your Favourite Loophole?

In New South Wales when I was a kid, raffles (tickets drawn out of a barrel) were banned. The only legal thing was “guessing games” in which the first correct entry was the winer. Of course, the answer was made incredibly easy. My local school was called Terrigal Public School, so when they ran a raffle (oops, guessing competition), the tickets each had “T_RR_G_L P_B_I_ S_H_O_” printed on them, with the entrants’ filling in of the blanks comprising the guessing part, and satisfying local laws.

I’ve also heard of US motorcycle riders in the 60s strapping their helmets to one knee to comply with “helmets must be worn” laws.

Any other good ones out there?

I’ve always liked that pudding/frequent flyer miles story. I think I read about it on this site, I’ll see if I can find a link.

When I was in college, you couldn’t post flyers on campus (for a party) that contained references to alcoholic beverages being served. However if you didn’t, nobody showed… So we would always have them say:

BEvERages will be served

In the state where I went to college, raffles were generally illegal. You could, however, ask people to make a donation to your worthy cause, and in exchange for that donation give them a “free” chance to win a prize.

You could also hold a fundraiser in which you charged admission–ie charged a fee to get in to the fundraiser–and then have a drawing for a “free” prize for those in attendance.

Every room at my university is required to have a Fire Exit. There is, however, no regulation stating there must be a regular exit. Thus, the room I have my summer classes in has one door, with a Fire Exit sign, and no regular exit. :slight_smile:

The Pudding Story:


That’s a good story about the puddings!

This could all be bulls**t but I remember hearing about a new car company that was encouraging people to come in and buy cars with the promotion
“But Our Millionth Car FREE!”
The car company had sold close to a million cars and were getting closer. So apparently this guy walks in and says, “I’d like a car please” and the salesman says “Sure!! Which one?” and the guy says “The Millionth one” and I heard he got it free! He had to wait until the 999,999th car was sold but he still got his free car.

As i said - I dont know how true it is.

I once went to a re-enactment event where (to comply with insane British licensing laws) they couldn’t sell beer in the beer tent. They got round it by holding a raffle. You would go to the beer tent and buy a raffle ticket. The tickets were a bit pricey… but each one came with a free pint of beer.

Some of the best loopholes come from the world of F1 racing. There are several (F1 designers are notorious for pushing the grey areas), but my absolute favourite is the 1978 Brabham Fan Car. The distinguishing feature of the car was a large duct and fan assembly sticking out the back, underneath the rear wing. Officially, the purpose of the fan was engine cooling (there was some precedent for this, as the engine they used tended to have overheating problems). But one side effect was that it would also suck the air from underneath the car, sticking it to the road. The fan was driven off the gearbox and was so effective, the car could actually be seen to squat when the driver blipped the throttle in the pits. It was entered in one race, won by a huge margin, and was immediately banned.

Technically the car was never ruled illegal, but it wasn’t in the “spirit” of the rules (active, moving aerodynamic devices are illegal, but cooling fans were allowed).

Here in this state (TN) the law is that alcohol cannot be served in an establishment where nude dancing takes place. So to get around this, the strip clubs are BYOB but charge a “setup” charge for each beer you bring in.

Penn Jillette goes into some detail about strip club loopholes in one of the P&T books. One is similar to the helmet law one mentioned previously. Dancers must wear panties, so they tie them around their wrists. Ocala, Florida, if I remember right.

St. Paul, Minnesota came up with a real odd one. No alcohol and nudity in the same establishment. So, you go to the bar, order up, and relax in front of the HUGE picture window in the “dance studio” next door. Called “the best ass under glass.”

Strippers? In Ocala? ummmmm I won’t sleep well tonight.