What's your most prized posession?

I was thinking about this the other day, about all that I own and which of my belongings is my most cherished. Not that I’m terribly materialistic or greedy, but I do like me some stuff. After deliberating I think my most prized posession is probably my Fender acoustic guitar. It was given to me by a good friend many years ago, and it’s my favorite of all the guitars that I have. It’s the first thing I’d spirit away if the house caught fire. So what belonging of yours is your favorite?

I would have to say that besides my '78 Blazer, which would not be in danger in case of a house fire, it would be my ‘71 Les Paul Custom. I freakin’ LOVE that guitar.

Other than my cats, it’s a toss-up between my favorite picture of my mom and one of my game-worn hockey jerseys.

My most prized possession is probably my jewelry box. I don’t much care about jewelry, except that in it are the emerald earrings my SO gave me, the gold ‘Om’ pendant my grandmother gave me before she died, the pearl earrings & brooch my future MIL gave me, the gold necklace from my mother.

After that my most prized possession would probably be my computer. In it are writings, journals, musings of the past several years.

I don’t really have anything tremendously valuable or sentimental in a dash-into-a-burning-house kind of way. I don’t get attached to stuff much.

I guess my truck is my most prized possession, but it got backed into a few days ago and I just laughed and named a dollar amount lower than replacement value, and she wrote me a check.

Purely by coincidence, the figure was exactly enough to get my wife the anniversary gift I’ve had my eye on…


Outside of heirlooms it would have to be Han Solo in Carbonite

The record player (yes, as in vinyl records) my grandparents got me for my high school graduation. I’ve wanted one for years, and after they didn’t attend my graduation for some bullshit reason, I was so pissed off at them. I didn’t want to speak to them. But then they bought me off.

I’ve got a Steve Yzerman autographed puck that’s kind of important to me. There’s the complete Far Side collection that Alias got me for Christmas when we weren’t supposed to get each other anything.

I have my Dad’s custom built tool chest. The thing weighs a ton (ok, it’s too heavy for me to carry, at least), and it still has a few of his tools in it. It also has his nameplate in it. It even has some steel shavings left in it, because I’ve not cleaned it out yet. It will pass along to my oldest son.

Do they have to be tangible?

My bass; the first guitar I ever got.

My CDs.

My father’s watch and wallet.

Family photographs. They are irreplaceable.

My kids.

Do they count? If it’s strictly material stuff, then I am unsure…

Kids, of course. But it we’re going material it would have to be the collection of old paper goods - diaries, letters, notes of indenture, and so forth. Some of it dates back to the 1500s and it’s utterly irreplaceable and targetted at my university library when I’m done with them.

Gotta save what has true value. The other stuff is just stuff. It’s a comfort and convenience but I could walk away from it without looking back if I decided to do so.

  1. My Juzek bass. God how I love that thing. I love my guitar too, but its a newish Taylor, and can be replaced.

  2. Any of my late friend’s belongings. The ring from me, then the pack of tarot cards.

  3. photos of course.

Um . . . my panache.

daaaaaamn, what does it say that 25% of the respondents would save their guitar?

I think it shows that we know what’s really important :smiley:

My .50 BMG rifle.

My 1500 books.

My Stratocaster, my bass, my sound equipment and my record collection. And my computer.

It’d be kind of hard to rush into a fire to save the piano and Hammond, but I like them a lot, too.