What's your opinion on today's xkcd?


I love xkcd with a burning passion, but today’s strip seemed elementary, mean, and not at all funny. Your thoughts?

I thought it was okay. Not laugh-out-loud funny, but quality snark.

I snickered. He’s making fun of Apple and not Jobs, even if the two are usually nearly interchangeable.

Yeah, but it’s “Black Hat Guy”. He’s always a jerk.

I thought it was moderately amusing. The mouseover text was pretty funny, too.

Pretty mean, but worth a little chuckle.

I didn’t read it so much as a dig at Jobs, but rather as a dig at Apple. In other words, he’s not saying that it’s good that Jobs has been ill, but rather making fun of Apple’s (and Jobs’s) predilection for lighter, thinner, smaller, etc.

The mouseover was actually funnier than the strip this time, though.

I like the cut of his jib.

I laughed more at the mouseover, but didn’t think the main comic was all that mean. It would have been meaner if the reason for Jobs’ weight loss hadn’t been made public - but then I doubt he’d have run the strip.

Forgot to add - it’s inaccurate as written, in case anyone didn’t know. Jobs never cited his health problems as the reason he didn’t do the keynote; possibly that had something to do with it but it has as much or more to do with Apple deciding to effectively kill Macworld Expo and its artificial ‘restrictions’ on their product announcements.

The last of those is geeklarious!