What's your posts/day ratio?

I’m curious, and I like to have an idea of how often you post. I’d also like to see who has the highest, but don’t be hesitant to reply if someone else has a higher posts/day ratio already…

Surreeeee, you say. I could just go around and look at everyone’s profiles. That would be too easy, though.
Mine is 5.52 posts per day, but I’m sure it changed since I am now just adding one more post to the total.

So what’s yours?

2.13 It would be higher, but I lost some posts during the dark time.

1.02 ppd.

“Gee, he seemed like a nice guy. Kinda quiet, though.”


2.49 posts per day - but I think it was over three before “the dark time” as Lsura so eloquently put it. Roughly 3.11 I think it was.

A lot of posts per day. I don’t know exactly, but I like to post things and watch as the pages fill with the anger and frustration of so many people who don’t agree with me.

I’m at 0.97 per day, but it’s a bit skewed since I wasn’t posting for about 6 months last year when I was living abroad. It’d be closer to 2 per day w/o that absence.

I’m at 1.07 ppd. I also should be about 80 posts higher, so with that, I’d be around 1.19 ppd.


Currently my ratio is 1.35 posts per day.

I lost about 300 posts, due to the hack.

3.80: People who registered or re-registered after the winter of our missed content are probably going to be at the top because the other people not only lost posts but have around 100 days of 0 posts factored into the average. Still, can’t top YLT

Well, if it’s going to be a contest, then I am at about 6.3 / day*. If you factor back in the WoOMC posts, then it’s more like 11/ day. Which is just sad.

And Big Kahuna Burger posts more during football season, IIRC. :wink:
I usually avoid posting in threads about post counts, but we can’t let the young’ns think that they’re all that, can we. Yo La Tengo, shouldn’t you go outside and play or something?

1.32. Actually, I’m surprised it’s that high. I lurked for almost an entire year before my first post, then stopped posting from March to December 2000, only starting again to have my December 2000-February 2001 posts deleted.

Somebody posted to a thread I started a few weeks ago who registered in March 1999 and had 35 posts. I don’t know anyone who can beat 0.03 posts a day for a record-low.

As or this post, it is 14.76 posts per day. Yes, I’m an addict. :eek: It would perhaps be higher, but sometimes the activities I do on the weekends (and other times) cut into my posting ratio. :smiley: (and no, I’m NOT talking about sleep!) Luckily, I registered a few days after the board got everything fixed, so my post ratio is intact… unless the board has another problem… crossing fingers and toes that it doesn’t happen… or I’d lose a bloody lot of posts!

I’m at 10.73 or so. I had it up close to 20 PPD at a few points, but my posting rate - and the Dark Age of Early '02 - dropped it a few notches.

I’m the lowest so far at 0.52 posts per day, although I’ve seen much lower. (This week, however, it’s been more like 4-5 ppd!)

0.34. It would be higher but a lot of my replies would say “me too!” or repeat what someone else had already said so I don’t post them. Plus I’m shy! :slight_smile:

Me too Nortia, 1.29 or so