I'm at 1.00 posts per day now!!

Maybe I should restrict posting; not more than one per day, with vacation losses saved up on a post right account I can use up on special occasions. Having 1.00 ppd is so cute, if you ask me. don’t want to destroy that.

Slacker. You’re just using that as an excuse not to post more. Admit it!

Ok, it is pretty cool to have 1 ppd. I’d go for 2.00 ppd if I were you, though. That’d be cool. Better start posting!

Jman (who sits at an uninspired 1.07 ppd)

Hmmmm… 2.00 would be nice, I admit. But for quite some time, I was posting very little, so I’d have to work hard to push the average to this. anyway, it’s worth a try.

You can be like me and post all the time… I’m sure your average would skyrocket! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh Lord, 19.32. Tough times coming up.

Yeah, I passed the 1.0 ppd mark about two weeks ago. I was really excited, but I guess not excited enough to start a thread about it.

Gosh. I’ve been registered forever, and for a long time a was a big lurker. Then, I arose and posted like mad, only to have all my posts erased during The Winter of Missed Content.

So now I’m only at a pitiful .41 posts per day.

Ah, well. If you’ve been around as long as I have…

Slow and steady over time gets the job done, kids. A 3.45 ppd veteran talking.

Famsterette, you are a road flare of inspiration. You burn brightly now… you will sooner or later sputter to a halt, your white bubbly entrails bonding to the pavement below. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because of lack of patience and woeful dial-up performance at home, I pretty much never read the SDMB unless I’m at school. So during Christmas break and the summer, I’m vanished like a ninja. So I’m sure my posts per day should be much higher if you throw out those months.

Or if Hamster_X (aka Flamsterette_X) doesn’t sputter to a halt…

On October 31, 2005, assuming constant posting ratios (which likely won’t happen), the following posters will have the following post counts (assuming I didn’t make any math errors, which is a pretty big assumption):

handy, who currently has the most posts of anyone here, with 11,968 posts: 25,410 posts.
Hamster_X, who currently has 819 posts: 25,694 posts.
MamaHen, who currently has 318 posts and a 0.50 posts per day ratio: 1,085 posts.

It’s 1.02 now anyway, so no use in rationing anyway.