What's you posts-per-day average?

I’ve been posting here for nearly a decade. I realized today when I saw the Charter Membership announcement that I can no longer readily see my post count, so I clicked on my own profile to find out:

I’m at 0.36 PPD.

Hm. I’m not exactly prolific, am I? I’m guessing the only people who know who I am have played Forza with me online.

But, this isn’t a pity party; I’m genuinely interested, and I thought this would be a fun poll:

What is your PPD average?

I’m at 1.28 post per day. Probably half of my posts are in Mafia Game threads…

Just over 4. Join date: 12-29-2005. (damn, has it been that long?)

5.94. Shows how little you can say in a lot of words.

I’m at 1.19/day.




It’s been exactly 12 years.

Boy, that’s higher than I thought. I usually don’t post much, but I guess every week or so I get involved in a thread and make a bunch of posts at once.



I just double checked to see if it had hit .30 yet, but I’m still at .29. It’s actually quite the improvement; up until a couple of months ago I was at less than a quarter post per day.

My five-year doperversary is coming up in 11 days.

0.30 1151 posts in over 10 years, but then I’m not here that much. Not even a third of a post per day. :smiley:

What I would find interesting is a graph of my average over the 11 years that I’ve been posting here. I’m sure you could find correlation with certain events (and lack of events) in my life.


(or maybe 0.63 after this post!)

We who post in this thread except for maybe Rachellogram, are a bunch of pikers. Diogenes, who was banned 6 months ago is at 16.87.


Posts Per Day: 4.83


It’s been higher.

8.77 and I’ve maintained that high level for over ten years now.

I’d be surprised if ntucker didn’t have a way to find out the top x-number of “posts per day” the same way he was able to answer some similar questions in Another look at “active users” at SDMB late last year.


Somebody actually did that over on the Giraffe board. I’ll see if I can dig up a link.