Most prolific posters

Ok, so I am a relative newbie, but this place is somewhat addictive. And in my browsing around I have noticed that some names appear rather frequently on the boards. So I get to ask myself, who are the most serious addicts? (Not saying that’s a bad thing mind you.) Most prolific poster I have found so far is Zeldar, currently sitting around eighteen posts per day on average. Is there anyone who can beat that? or is Z the winner?

They say handy has more posts than anyone else, but I’ve only rarely seen one of his posts.

Q.E.D posts a lot though. Neat guy.

iampunha I’ve seen a lot too. I bet I could take him in a fight… if I stabbed him in the eye with the sharp stick hidden behind my back disguised as a present first.

I am.

I got that high average a while back with some games that made for lots of posts in a fairly short time. There are days when I don’t post at all, as well as days I don’t even check in. I doubt you’d learn much by reading more than a few of my posts.

I used to average, actually, more than 20 ppd.

But it’s very hard to be productive in any sense if you post 20 times a day.

BTW, Blackeyes, since I don’t like gifts, you wouldn’t be able to draw me off guard:D

And I used to have a higher average than 'punha!

Soon as I realized that I stopped posting as much.

I wish Arden Ranger would post more often.

handy has 16939 (10.18 posts per day)


Wring his little neck!

Stab his eyes out!

Yesss… then, my precious, yessss, I will have my Precious back…



I was quite shocked to see my post count exceed 1,000. And now look what’s happened!

Q.E.D. has to be the fastest from zero to a high count of anyone else I’ve seen since I’ve been on the boards.

By ‘prolific’, do you mean just a lot of posts, or a lot of posts with actual content? Because we’ve got a lot of drive-by posters with very high post counts and little actual value therein.

What are you saying?

Just a drive-by post to increase my post count. Disregard.

Did someone hear something?

It’s worryingly easy.

So is my ex GF.

I can’t imagine who you would be referring to. :smiley:


I represent that statement!

This post has content.

In point of fact, I was not referring to anyone in particular, evil-bad-meanie reputation or not.