Anyone else averaging a post/day

I recently got my average up to 1.00, don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed! :o

For a while that was a goal of mine, to try to post eleven times a day so I could get myself to the 1.0 average, (not easy when you see my stats) but that fell by the wayside.

I would like it to not slip below 0.25 so I try to make sure I post at least twice a week.

But I am a binge and poster.

6.35 posts/day since you asked, but it’s not like there’s a prize or anything.

We’re about tied. Oh, the shame of it all. :frowning:

Not even close… 0.17

Pikers. My never-ending quest is to keep it under 10/day (currently 9.81).

Right now, I’m at 2.35/day. But that’s because I’m new here and have so many wonderful, insightful, thought-provoking, heartwarming, educational, inspirational, just-so-darn-useful comments just a-bubblin’ out of me. I’m sure my post count will eventually dwindle as I become a jaded, cynical, bitter, self-hating long-timer who has seen every topic discussed ad nauseum. Gosh, I can hardly wait!

11.32 posts per day for me.

This, but less clever and replace ‘2.35’ with ‘1.82’.

You should be embarrassed by a post rate that high. I’m at 0.27, with the ambitious goal of reaching 1000 posts before the end of the year. Woo Hoo!

3.34 a day here.

Doing a little math, if I stopped posting today my overall average would drop down to one post a day sometime around 2095.

2.77 for me.

Now I am. Thank you.


Hm, 3.65 on this board, and I hang out on 2 other boards as well [Grasscity and CustomersSuck, FWIW]

Not sure if I should post more or less…:dubious:

I’m at 1,84 (higher after this one :)), but I’ve only been signed up for a couple of weeks. We’ll see after I get back from vacation where I’m at.

I’ve almost doubled my total posts in the last year, and I’m still averaging only 0.44 posts a day. I’ve got 9.5 years of almost lurking to overcome to get to 1.00 posts a day.

I’ve been at 3 posts a day almost the entire time I’ve been here.

10.18, and it has been in that range for about 6 years now.

1.27 posts per day at the present time. I’m fairly new so I’m surprised that I have that many posts. :slight_smile: