Something I noticed recently...

Yes, this is obnoxiously mundane and pointless, but bear with me.

I checked my profile just now, looking for an old thread I posted to. (Let me tell you. It’s much easier to dig up old threads when you search for your own posts through the profile.) I just glanced around, and lo and behold!

My post count may not be astounding, but my average posts per day is exactly 1.00! :eek:

Throughout my entire time at the SDMB, I have managed to post, on average, exactly one post per day. No more, no less.

Doesn’t that seem a bit strange? Or is it just me?

It’s just you.

But then, you are strange, so whats the surprise?:stuck_out_tongue:
Jaunts away rather quickly, but not so fast as to make it seem like I’m afraid of retribution or something

So you’ve just used up your post du jour?

See ya tomorrow.

So what are you today Soup?

Ack. If you had home Internet access you might get more than one post in per day. But it does highlight that you selected a very apt username.

I’m at college, so I sort of have internet “at home.”

Oh, and this is my second post today. I’m on a tear! :wink:

1000 posts, here I come! (In about seven months.)

I have 0.72 posts per day.

Alas, I have managed to get no closer than 0.97 posts per day.

Apparently I haven’t much to say.