What's you posts-per-day average?


Another piker here. 1.38 average over almost seven years of posting.

4.19, normally my excuse is that the period from 2000-2002 I didn’t post a lot, but that’s only 1/6 of the board’s existence.


While it is clearly not my style, I feel the need to post on this thread just to see if I can win the prize for lowest. :slight_smile:

So, joined May 18, 2000. All days until today, including the leap days since then combined with my incredibly unimpressive post count of 318 results in the stunningly anemic rate of 0.07305 posts per day, if I got the math mostly right.

Maybe I should speak up more often…


Curse you Jammer! .15 per day. I’m a blabber poster compared to you.




I read daily but only post rarely. I’ll de-lurk for this, though.

Join Date: 09-22-2006
Total Posts: 32
Posts Per Day: 0.02


3.53 and I recently (March 9th) passed my 2 year anniversary.


0.06 posts per day, since Jan 2000. Although this post probably up my stats…

It is up to 0.58. I imagine that if I could break it down that it would be around 1.00 since I changed my name two years ago and between 0.25 and 0.33 for the first nine years under my old name.

0.22/day. I posted 4 times today, though.

I joined in 1999.


Skewed up somewhat by my first few months here and by later Trek Doping threads where it was pretty much like a chat room. I was even gone for weeks or months a couple of times, one period was maybe close to a year.


But I’ve been on “hiatus” for about 2+years, just started backup on April of this year. Interesting to see it’s still at that level though


When I started almost 12 years ago, I was averaging around 8 a day for the first half a year. It slowed down since then. I think I read a good dozen threads for each one I post to.