The Record? Number of Posts Per Day

9.09, baby. Read 'em and weep.

Who can take my crown?

Well, I can, for one – Guinastasia is at 12.88 ppd at the moment – QED’s gotta be up there too.

After about 6 months as a member, Flamsterette_X was running at the rate of around 17 ppd.
Then she met a guy or got a life or something…

It’s quality, not quantity, that matters.

But you just go right ahead and pat yourself on the back, there.

There was one poster who got up to 100 in the first 24 hours, then tapered off and after a couple of weeks and a thousand posts he quit.

Dude, mine’s 9.26, and I’ve been cutting back. :smiley:

Nobody’s gonna touch the flame-outs, as friend Splash has noted.

Well, it’s a Post-Per-Day Party. Different than the usual 100, 1000+ ones.

From here.