Wheeee! <or> Miller's rockin' Saturday evening with The History Channel

It’s (almost) Saturday night, and I’m home watching the History Channel. I just heard the line, “But that was not the only factor that led to paper’s dominance over parchment.” And the scary thing is, I’m totally into it.

Somebody shoot me.

If you’re “totally into it”, then what’s the problem? So long as you’re enjoying your paperlicious moment, I don’t see a downside. If on the other hand the only thing you had to watch was “O Town: In concert” then I would feel sorry for you.

[sup]Who was supposed to go out tonight, if he’ll ever call me! Grrr.[/sup]

cough This is what’s known as a “Reverse Rant”, Joy.

i.e. “sarcasm”. :wink:

Please accept my sincerest condolences on your sucky Saturday night, Miller. I’m listening to Smackdown in the other room myself, but at least I’m not into it. I still have some self-respect left. :smiley:

Oy. Foiled again due to my love of good paper documentaries. Will I never learn?

Hey, I saw that program–there’s nothing wrong with watching the History Channel. Hell, I spent my Saturday night watching Movies In Time with Sander Van Oaker (sp?).

And I’ve developed a major crush on the Nautilus Sleep System lady.

Well, ok . . .

<Max shoots Miller>

Feeling better over there? Don’t think you’ll be walking on that leg for a while. I guess it’s time to watch more of the History Channel!

(Stangely enough, that’s what I was doing too.)

Well, I’m home sick with a cold. (I have a weird schedule, and usually work Saturdays.) And I’m at home, geeking out on my new iMac. So someone shoot me too.

My problem is that I work weird hours, so when the fun stuff is happening, I’m working. Blah.

Ouch! Thanks, Max. Nothing distracts me from my sucky social life like a sucking chest wound.

…but…Max told Lt. Columbo that he shot you in the leg

Ohmigod, it’s Max! Max is the killer!! And I’m alone in the house with him!!..

It’s OK, DDG, it’s just that my cable’s out and I wanted to watch “The Black Sheep Squadron”.

Might even hang around for “Tales of the Gun” :wink:

The Patent Files, man, the Patent Files. :slight_smile: The best show on tv (now that The Simpsons is in a slump).

Miller, I like the History Channel. It hasn’t gone down the tubes of Suckdom the way the Discovery Channel has. (UFO "documentaries, anyone?) Though sometimes I really wish THC would realize that WWII is not the only history we have.

But I am even worse than you. I watch a lot of Animal Planet and, yes, Discovery Channel (but only if an animal program is on). Why? Because my dog likes to see the animals on TV. So a couple weeks ago I had this conversation with my sister:

SIS: Whacha doin’?
ME: Watching TV?
SIS: Oh, what are you watching?
ME: . . . .
SIS: I said, “what are you watching?”
ME: Um, a program on anteaters.
SIS: What? Why?
ME: Because the dog is really into it.
SIS: You’re watching TV with your dog and the dog gets to pick the show?
ME: When you put it that way, it sounds so pathetic.

But the dirty truth is that I like documentaries. Whether it’s on the African Bush people or the origins of the steam engine or the history of the stamp – I like 'em. They’re a heck of a lot better than most of the rest of the junk on the telly.