Wheel of Fortune: how did they not know that?

Tonight’s Wheel was interesting. The category was Food and Drink, the puzzle was revealed so far as…


She spun and asked for an F.

I weep for the future.

I know nothing of food. What letter should it have been?

B - Albacore is a variety of tuna.

She should have picked “B,” as in albacore.


I know nothing of food either, but I knew that. Mostly from reading tuna can labels. :smiley:

ETA - Beat to the punch. Dang it all, Tengu!

Imagine me as the dog from Duck Hunt, right now. >_>

You want me to feel deep irritation and a frustrated desire to shoot you with my zapper? :wink:

Aha. In the realms of not knowing much about food, I know even less about species of fish. I don’t think it’s quite that surprising that somebody wouldn’t know the answer to this one. It’s not like it was “COCA CO_A”.

Coca Coya?

Well, cochrane, rather than you, but that was about the right reaction. >_>:D

I wouldn’t have known that.

Ironically, the species doomed itself when it invented the inter net.

Or something.

Maybe it’s a less common knowledge item than I thought. Ah well.

I saw a puzzle once (don’t remember what it was or the category) that had a special bonus; $3000 if you could answer a question regarding the puzzle. Must have been a “Who Am I?” or something…

Anyway, the question was “Who turned a pumpkin into a carriage?”

The fairy godmother, right? WRONG. Apparently it was “Umm… the step-mother?”


Wheel of Fortune pisses me off so much I can’t even watch it anymore. Give me a T and some vowels and I can solve any of the puzzles they have on that show (seriously, most people who have watched with me are like “Yeah right, you’ve seen this episode before!”) but these contestants are like “Durr… a group of pill pushers?”

(To be fair, that mis-solve was kind of funny. Even so… STUPID!)

You know what else gets me? When TPIR contestants bid a dollar when they ARE NOT THE LAST ONE BIDDING. Okay, if you think everybody else overbid so you bid a dollar, how shocked are you going to be when the next person in line bids two?

Answer: Totally shocked. Every single time. :rolleyes:

I haven’t watched it in years. Is Vanna still hot?

Oh God, the worst one I ever saw was also one of those question ones. The question phrase was “9th Planet or Disney Do_”, the eventual bonus answer being Pluto, of course. This guy had like $12k and he asked to solve the puzzle: “9th Planet or Disney Doc?”


Also, remember when Jeopardy used to be on after Wheel of Fortune? I took their swapping time slots as an indication of society’s doom, myself.

Yeah, Wheel of Fortune has really gone downhill. Back in my day (I’m 42) they used actual sayings and cliche’s and not made up stuff like sayings that connect based on a common word or heck, just plain things like “grilled albacore tuna”. And I remember when Chuck Woolery made contestants use their money to buy crappy gifts from a pool of crappy gifts “I’ll take the porcelain horse statue for $30 and put the rest on a gift certificate, Chuck.” And when the letters actually had to be hand TURNED! And you didn’t get any letters to help you guess the final one. Ah, yes… it was more challenging back then…

My own personal favorite is when they have something like:


Basically, one that’s impossible to NOT KNOW. There is no more money to be made. So what do they do?

“Pat, I’d like to buy an ‘O’”

Really? REALLY? Because if you’re right, you haven’t learned a fucking thing you don’t already know. And if you’re wrong, you just missed your turn.


I’d watch an ep of WoF if they had the second line from that limerick. “Umm, pener? pinus? ponis?”

Hot or not, she’s superfluous.

Imagine how Jeopardy! would be if some broad had to turn over each dollar amount card to reveal the clue.