When a player is fined in pro sports where does the money actually go?

Simple enough question. When all those fines were dished out in the NFL this year where does the money actually end up? The owners keep it? The league keeps it? Goes to charity? Where does it go? Is it the same for all pro sports?

IMHO the money for late hits should go to the player that took the cheap shot. That would be hard to work out though as alot of late hits aren’t always clear but the flagrant ones would be.

I believe that NFL fines are given to charity. It could vary by sport, but I’d be surprised if a U.S. sport didn’t give them to charity.

They go to charity. I believe each sport has a different official charity. Baseball I think is the boys and girls club.

NHL player fines go to the NHL Emergency Assistance Fund. Coach’s fines go to the NHL Foundation.

Really? Interesting. I wonder if the players get to claim the fines as tax deductions like any other charitable contribution.

I wonder…technically, the player didn’t make a charitable contribution; it was his employer (or the league) who did.

From my understanding of 501©(3) law, that is correct. It seems that most American professional sports leagues have a central fund that fines are channeled to, and at the end of the year the league makes charitable donations from the fund.

Where the money goes to is different from sport to sport. Apparently the NBA doesn’t disclose where fines are donated, although the fine fund is split 50-50 between the league and the players’ association for charitable purposes. The NFL has a handful of charities they have traditionally funded (I am taking this article at its word), and MLB seeks player input on charities.

It’s my understanding that international sports don’t necessarily donate fine revenues to charity. The International Cricket Council does not, for example. (The fines are usually a percentage of match fees, which are a pittance anyway.)

Is it legal for your employer to enforce punitive financial judgement against an employee? I would think that mandatory fines into the pocket of your employer would be illegal (though I have no basis for this, just my gut). That’s why I was wondering if they all agree that fines will be paid out to some charity, hence the player gave money to charity.

I dunno.

I would imagine that the ability of teams, and the leagues, to impose fines is contained in the standard contract (or the collective bargaining agreement) which the players have with the leagues.

Well, I’d guess that when your employer fines you, it just reduces your salary by that amount. So no need to deduct it – it was never income in the first place.

Of course, I’m not a tax law expert, but I did (not) stay at a Holiday Inn express last night.

Except, and I could be completely wrong here, the employer is not the one doing the fine is it? The “league” usually is the entity imposing a fine. I suspect that the fine is taken out of the player’s paycheck is a line item deduction and sent to the league or union, but that it does count as income from the employer. Otherwise for tax purposes, wouldn’t the employer’s payroll be lower? Would the team’s salary cap figure be changed, for those sports with a salary cap?