When animals attack

Has anyone here ever been attacked by an animal? Do tell.

Me, you ask?

Why only this weekend!

I was changing the bulb of an outdoor light. All of a sudden these ants came swarming out of the light and on to my hand! But that’s not the worst part.

Ell thinks to himself “HA! I’m not scared of ants!” (This was right after I was jumping around and shaking the ants off my hand). “But I’d better get rid of that spider web! And what better way to do it than with my unprotected hand! Yes! That would make sense.”

So I reach in and start clearing away the web. In my peripheral vision I see a little black thing as fast as lightning charge at me. Now I’m not too slow (in head I may be). So I pulled out my hand twice as fast as lightning, only to see the most poisonous spider in the world (Cite Site: http://www.dinkumaussies.com/DANGEROUS%20CREATURES%2FFunnel-Web%20Spider.htm) (A female Funnel Web ) upset about its missed pray.

Needless to say the bulb has still not been changed and I haven’t been anywhere near it!

Geese. Mean, rotten, stinky things. When I was growing up they were the terror of the barnyard. They would chase me but it was my brother they really attacked and flogged. I still feel good about that–payback for the times he beat me up. :smiley:

And Ell I sorta know how you feel, I have been attacked by black widow spiders.

My dog bit me when I tried to take it’s food away. Let sleeping dogs lie; let eating dogs eat.

Bee, wasp, and ant stings, too.

I have found that an E-tool works rather well on a rabid dog.