When Are Charter Memberships Up For Renewal?

The title says it all.

I wonder, because I checked my documents. And we switched over to the new message board in a June. Is that when we have to renew then? Charter members?

It would be nice if someone notified us via email or message. No one ever does for me in any event.


In case you’ve missed it – there is not currently a system for the SDMB to collect/receive payments from members for things like memberships, and hasn’t been since we switched over to Discourse in the summer of 2020 (and since TubaDiva’s passing shortly thereafter).

It’s a known issue (as is the fact that, AIUI, we also haven’t had a full-time admin since then), but if there’s any additional or new news on the membership front recently, I don’t recall seeing it.

Nothing new that I’ve heard.

If you are in the Charter Member user group, there’s no mechanism to remove you, so you don’t have to worry about losing your Charter Membership. Members and Charter Members don’t see ads, so at least that part is working.

If we hear anything new, we’ll let you know.

Thank you for weighing in, @engineer_comp_geek.

I had the same question. I’ll keep watching this space for an update.

I was wondering the same thing and found this thread in a search. I assume that it still represents the current state of affairs.

Correct. Nothing new to report, unfortunately.

It’s taking longer than we thought.