When are the mountains above SLC 80% snow-free?

I am thinking of flying out to SLC to take some snow-ish, but not too snowy, mountain pictures, and since the weather is hovering just above freezing in SLC per se, it would seem that the mountains would be entirely snow-covered.

Last summer I drove out West and the first place I went was SLC because I hadn’t been there and I wanted to acclimate slowly to elevation. It was the middle of summer, so while I took pictures of the mountains and the lake, it was pretty hot. Plus, due to the heat and the fact I was there for just 1 1/2 days, I did not get to hike as much as I wanted: I saw the museum of natural history at UU, and walked a tiny amount in the trails about the museum, and saw Antelope Island, but I still want to visit a garden or two, do some more trail hiking, and take semi-snowish pictures.

As a matter of comparison, some time last April I visited Bryce and there was a similar amount of snow which made for amazing pictures. Would the latitude and altitude difference cancel out and mean that some time in April the mountains above SLC will have just remnants of snow?