When are we going to run out of new TV?

TV production has obviously been shut down due to the pandemic and thus far, television stations have mostly been fine burning off episodes of new shows filmed before the pandemic. But when are we going to reach the point where there’s no more new TV (except animated shows and live shows that can be filmed at home)?

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Will they dredge up crappy stuff that didn’t make the cut in the last couple of years? What about movies?

Maybe everything will be CGI now!

I saw an article someplace, perhaps The Hollywood Reporter, that some of the big broadcast networks might air “lightly used” programs; in other words, stuff that aired on one of the more obscure cable channels or on one of the streaming services, but didn’t have many viewers. In the past few years, upwards of 500 shows are produced annually, so there’s enough content that most people haven’t seen.

When are we going to run out of new TV? About 10 years ago.

OK, seriously, yes, there have been a lot of new interesting shows, especially with the rise of short-season cable shows (eg - American Horror Story) and Netflix approving anything under the sun (even a blind pig will eventually find an acorn).

I noticed with the latest season of Worst Cooks In America that they’ve expanded the show from 60 min to 90 min; added more graphics etc. to stretch it out. I’m sure that there’s more of that out there - add outtakes, re-cap shots, and more commercials and stretch the “season” out from 10 episodes to 14.

the last writers strike had CBS running a cleaned up first season of Dexter which was on Showtime. They cut out some violence and language. CBS owns Showtime.

Well, there was the “House Hunters: Comedians on Couches” thing in which comedians at home commented on old episodes of House Hunters. That seemed a clever way of getting a little new life out of old shows. And I think Fox had an American version of the UK show Gogglebox, which is literally watching people watch television.

Pretty sure they are already out of daytime game shows like “Let’s Make a Deal” and “Price is Right”. Starting to show re-runs last week.

It was funny watching them show the ones that had in the can during the first outbreak. People winning trips to China and Italy that you know damn well they never got to take. What a drag! Win the Big Deal and have The Universe steal your Jimmy!

It’s already happening. Showtime’s “Billions” has had to pause its current 12-episode season after 7 episodes because they hadn’t finished filming the last 5. I’m sure there are other examples.

The good news is, even if nobody makes another TV show ever again, there’s so much content already out there that I don’t think it’s even possible to run out of TV that’s new to you.

I’ve been finding lots of good stuff lately that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Not to curve on too much of a tangent, but I was just thinking that we should start hearing a ton of new music since all the artists are stuck not touring, they should all be in high level writing mode.

Following this logic for TV, writers should have a huge catalog of new material ready to pitch to executives.

This is the article I was referring to.

I think we’re going to see something like NBC programming back in the 70s. NBC television was failing miserably with most prime time programming. They began to show just about anything available, few shows were ever renewed after their first season, some not even for a full season, they’d put anything on the air just to fill prime time. Hopefully we don’t get to the point of showing Everybody’s Favorite Cat Videos.

Everything else from Idiocracy is coming true, perhaps this is how we finally Ow My Balls to air.

Supernatural had to stop filming with two episodes of the final season to go. Second half of the last season should have already aired, now it will start whenever.

There’s another series on Showtime called Black Monday, which already filmed the current, second season but only some episodes had gone through post-production. So the sixth episode aired on April 12, but the seventh didn’t air until June 28, to allow time for post-production.

“The Walking Dead” wasn’t able to air their season finale. It may have been filmed but all the post-production effects weren’t able to be completed. At least “Billions” was able to end at a good shopping point (while actually somehow making direct reference to coronavirus!)

Botched, which is horrendous, seem to be on 24/7. Do they not run out of odd people wanting new noses and boobs??

I spot a new opportunity for a Kiwi export industry…

They ran out of new Wheel of Fortunes weeks ago. Ones now are from like 3 years ago, but they are all over the place.