When can I get decent Broccoli again?

Don’t remember the last time my local grocery store stocked decent broccoli.
Yes, I’ve always been suspicious of whatever system is in place that allows me to buy any fruits and vegetables 12 months out of the year- I’ve just chosen not to question it.

Generally eat my vegetables raw, which is why I’m not going the frozen veggies route.

So when, in Southern California, can I expect to find some good broccoli in the produce section- rather than the withered browning batches they’ve been trying to sell recently?

I hate to break it to you… but 90% of broccoli is grown in California. And peak season is October through April or so. It should be as good as it gets right now.

It’s been at least a month that everything on the shelf has been gross.

Maybe, I’m just showing up late to the party recently.

Bumping an old Thread, since it’s the same issue.

Anyway, it’s that time of year again . . .

I started the Thread at the end of March last year saying it had been “at least a month”. Reflecting upon the past few years, it seems to usually be about two months . . . end of January through the end of March. Shortly after starting that Thread last year, the good broccoli started showing up again.

According to the data supplied by Bartman, I should be able to get good broccoli. Still, it ain’t happening.

So, I’d like to amend this from a “when” question to a “why” question.
Why is it that, at the time of year and geographically central to peak broccoli production, I face a two month stretch of horrible broccoli?

Find a farmers market. You’ll get fresh brocolli for less.

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samclem Moderator

Could it be a distribution problem? Is the better broccoli being shipped out, and the local stores get what’s left?

And I agree, try a farmers’ market. They usually stock the better items there, since their reputation is at stake.

When I lived in California the produce in the regular grocery stores wasn’t any better than it was in Massachusetts, Quebec, Illinois, Indiana and whatever other states I’ve lived in. Actually, at times, places like Ralph’s/Von’s etc were downright worse. You know what always surprised me? Non farmer’s market oranges SUCKED. I truly think they shipped the best produce out of state or it was reserved for juice companies or something.

However, the farmer’s markets and the asian grocery stores were great. Mine always sold great broccoli (downtown LA market, moved to Pershing Square). Whole Foods was also acceptable for fresh fruit/veggies, but more expensive.

There’s plenty nice green fresh broccoli in the grocery stores here in Michigan. Maybe it’s a cold weather crop. :smiley:

There’s always a table full of bright green broccoli crowns in Wegmans here, the first thing you see if you turn to the right. I’ve never seen any ‘bad’ broccoli on that table.