When Cecil dies who will be the smartest human?


No. Me. :slight_smile:

Cecil’s current human form may no longer draw breath some day, but Cecil’s persona will always exist. Cecil is not bound by time and space.

Sorry, but who’s Cecil and who decided/confirmed he’s the smartest human on this planet?

Cecil is immortal and has existed since long before our Sun burned hot in the sky. How many times do I have to explain this to people?

Ok, I take it back. I’m sorry for questioning Cecil’s intelligence. Name my punishment, for I deserve it.

Since this is a matter of opinion, let’s move it to IMHO.

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Next guy on the list.


Cecil is like a time lord, but without restriction to the number of reincarnations.

Marilyn vos Savant?

Not a chance! She once claimed that “sporange” rhymed with “orange”.

This silly Cecil worship is one of the more annoying attributes of the SDMB.

Your sure its not me?

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I remember one of her columns in which someone asked if she would want to know when she would die. She said something like, “yes, then I could take up skydiving with impunity”, not factoring in the kind of mishap where you break every bone in your body and are bed ridden until you die.

Not only that, but if you were in continuous painful agony from “the accident” you wouldn’t be able to kill yourself until your assigned date.

Gene Ray! No… wait… he’s the wisest human.