Is Cecil Adams immortal?

There’s a serious question here. Does Cecil age? Will we in future be shown an older version of the youngish bespectacled guy in the photo that’s associated with him now? Just how old is he supposed to be anyway? Will he eventually die? And if he does who’ll be the smartest person in the world then? BTW I’m open to offers. :slight_smile:

If Cecil were smart enough to make himself immortal (and why shouldn’t he be?) he would be smart enough to stop the aging process. After all, why would someone want to live 1000+ years in a 1000+ year old body?

After all, Santa did it. Immortal that is.

No disrespect intended, but I’m thinking it’s more of a Dread Pirate Cecil Adams situation.

I am counting on it. ( being immortal, I mean )

Okay, I’ll bite: what photo is currently associated with him? Was there ever an official photo?

If you Google “Cecil Adams,” you get a current-ish picture of Ed Zotti, who is clearly not immune to the ravages of age.

Me, too. So far, so good. :smiley:

Cecil is, perhaps, the most Immoral man I…oh!
That’s very different!
Never mind.

Cecil the ‘immortal’ will you tell Santa to bring me a pet crow for Christmas? Please!?!

If you look at tomorrow’s column you’ll find a nice likeness of Cecil Adams, courtesy of Slug. :smiley:

No one would surrender to the Dread Pirate Cecil…

Photo? Cecil Adams has never been photographed.

By selling out to Coke. Cecil would never sell out to Coke.

I meant the beverage of course.

Although ---------- throw in hookers and ----------


You just need to use the correct word–timeless.

Don’t be fooled by the man behind the curtain.

Courtesy of Slug? Heh. That should be interesting.


The guy in front driving the motorcycle or the guy in back murdering the guy in front?

Yes, Virginia.

Hmmm. If you include the motorcycle - and in a Slug drawing machinery usually has an affine relationship with the purported humans - then Cecil is what I’ve always imaged him to be: the middle section of a human centipede. By the rules of the larger game, they can never be relieved of their misery, hence are effectively immortal.

Not that I would defend the use of Slug as a citation by others.

I met “Cecil” once upon the foothills of Nepal back in the day when we were all free and wild, although everybody knew him by his moniker which shall be secret until the end of time. It was Jack Daniels with a twist of lemon. Never understood that concoction. Yuck.

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