When cereals became healthier. By removing the word "sugar" from their name

I thought the title was a funny.

Did you notice that orange abomination of a cereal had more Vitamin C than orange juice?

Beck - Candy in a box.:smiley:

I liked Tang, and I loved Sugar Crisps, but that sounds horrible. I must have missed that “short-lived” cereal, because at that age I was probably eating cold pizza or Breakfast Jacks.

One of my favorite cereals from way back when was Kellogg’s Concentrate. I think a serving was a tablespoon or two.

What a coincidence this thread is. For some reason, out of the blue, the other day I remembered that when I was growing up we kept Corn Flakes in the house and we all sprinkled a teaspoon or two of sugar on it. Of course, I was (and still am) the only person I know who doesn’t put milk on cereal so my sugar pretty much ended up on the bottom of the bowl. It *seems *like this was a thing that everyone did but I haven’t seen anyone do it in years. Does anyone else remember that?

Saddened to know that Cracklin Oat Bran was never a good choice…very tasty stuff! But 267 calories per cup? https://www.eatthis.com/worst-healthy-cereals/

As a result of this threat, I realize that Super Sugar Crisp and Sugar Smacks were two different cereals from different companies. I’m sure I had both of them as a child, but never quite noticed the distinction. And I haven’t thought about them or encountered them in decades. There are so many different cereals in the cereal aisle, I don’t keep track of them all.

I remember sprinkling sugar on unsweetened cereal. I seem to recall more than a teaspoon though - sprinkle some on, eat it. Eventually, you’ve eaten the flakes with sugar, so you add some more. I recall that the extra milk after all the cereal was gone was pretty much too sweet to drink.

My mom wouldn’t buy anything but

Special K
Shredded Wheat
Puffed Wheat
Life Cereal
Post Raisin Bran (I hated that one but more because of the raisins, ugh, than the bran)

I had to go sleep over at my friend’s house to get to enjoy those variety packs where you slit open the foil-lined box and poured milk into it. Sugar Puffs were my fav.

ISTR from a thread specifically about serving sizes, what you’re seeing on those sweetened cereals is for child-sized portions.

Shame, then, that she hadn’t bought Pre-Raisin Bran.

Scene from the Dinosaurs TV show addressing the subject:

If you’ll click through the other images you’ll see that in most of the boxes he was still called Sugar Bear.

That wouldn’t explain why the six cereals in my cupboard have six different serving sizes. Clearly, the cereal companies are allowed at least some discretion in what a “serving size” is.

It occurred to me (and I may be misremembering because I was past the age of following cereal commercials when the name changes occured) that Super Bear and Sugar Bear were two different characters, with Super Bear being drawn as muscular.

Here too – though later in life I started applying milk and then I stopped adding sugar. But then again, so did I stop with the Corn Flakes, which one has to admit are quite bland flavorwise. Frosted Flakes OTOH were a fine enough thing dry as were Sugar Corn Pops, in my kindergatener opinion.

As a kid, I didn’t really care for Corn Flakes (still don’t). If it was all we had, I would eat it, provided we weren’t out of sugar.

Frosted Flakes, on the other hand,…they’re GRRREAT!

Sometimes, when I didn’t feel like having milk, I would pour the cereal (sweetened, of course), in a tall glass and eat it. I still do this. Corn Pops and Cocoa Krispies are my favorites to eat this way.

Last night, I had a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. Never been my favorite, would have much preferred Cocoa Krispies, or Count Chocula even.

i thought sugar turned into super to stop the bad guy stealing the cereal …

lol one of my favorite cereals were cookie crisp which had a “sugar cookie” along with the standard chocolate chip that disappeared when no sugar became a thing

i remeber when life cereal got in trouble for not telling anyone it was sort of foster but on the inside of the square … and still some people never figured that out …

All manufactured breakfast cereals are highly processed starches, so adding more sugar is like gilding the lily. It’s like cutting cocaine with methamphetamines. Sure, you can, but do you really need to?