What happened to the monster cereals?

So my wife is out of town for the night, and I have the house to myself.

Does that mean night of drunken debauchery?


It means I get to eat what I want - which tonight means cereal. With whole milk.

I haven’t “cruised” the cereal aisle in a while. Usually it’s straight for the Kashi and then on to the next aisle.

So I cruise. I mean I couldn’t have cruised more if I had a lowrider buggy. I got a hankering for some Count Chocula. Sweet sugary not entirely unlike chocolaty goodness with those styrofoam marshmallows. I was willing to pay out up to $15 for a box.

But it was nowhere to be found. Nor was BooBerry or FrankenBerry.

When did they go away and take a part of my childhood with them?

They’re still being sold. Your store just might not stock them. If you’re desperate, you can buy a 12 pack from Amazon for $27.08, or if you’re interested in the trifecta, you can get a pack of all three monster cereals for $8.99.

Every store I’ve been to typically only sells them around Halloween time.

Cool. Thanks.

I guess I will have to check out another store next time.

Had to settle for Lucky Charms tonight.

I still see Count Chocula on local supermarket shelves, but haven’t seen Frankenberry, Boo-berry or Fruit Brute in ages.

I see the Count year-round, with Frankenberry and Boo Berry joining him mainly around Halloween time.

Unfortunately, sometime they seem to have changed the recipe, so that the non-marshmallow parts that used to be made of some sort of grain are now made of plastic. They don’t get soggy, but they tear up the roof of your mouth if you’re not careful, and they have no taste.

Fruit Brute?

I vaguely remember Yummy Mummy.

You’ll never see Fruit Brute again, they stopped making that in the early '80s. It was revised into Fruity Yummy Mummy, but that also went away in the mid-'90s.

The other three still exist, and at least one of my local supermarkets has all three of them, allowing me to indulge in the awesomeness of the Monster Cereal trifecta from time to time.

Interestingly, they still sell merchandise with Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy on them. They stopped making the cereals years ago but kept the mascots semi-active. Nothing like cashing in on nostalgia, eh?

I cannot eat Fruit Loops anymore. It is just too sweet. Frosted Flakes is as far out there as I can go. My jonesing for and tolerance of sugar is much reduced in middle age.

I was grocery shopping with a roommate in college and he was disappointed not to find one of the monster cereals in the cereal aisle. There was a manager looking person nearby and he asked if they could offer it. “Pfft,” I thought, that was a waste of time…but to my surprise and the roommate’s delight, the next time we went to the store, the cereal was stocked on the aisle. The morale being, it never hurts to ask. :slight_smile: I figured that the store’s thought process was that one person asking for a product means there might be many more people looking to buy the product but who aren’t asking the manager about it.

/Still Eats Frosted Flakes occasionally at age 35

I’m like that, but I’ve already gone off sugar entirely; my breakfast is more likely to be bruschetta or something.

Oh we are the Freakies, we are the Freakie and this our seer-ee-el. We never miss a meal
'cause we love our seer-ee-EL.

This is the big boss, they call him “Boss Moss,” ->Make sure you spell it right

Snorkeldorf they call me so handsome and pretty…

FWIW, I had heard about the other three, and that they where more or less, hit and miss on availability. But, being a child of the 80’s myself, (82), I never knew there was a fourth one.

Well there you go, I learned something today. Now, if you excuse me, I’m back to scarfimg my Frosted flakes and sweet iced tea.

I’ll never be able to eat sugared cereal again (pre-diabetic) :frowning: , but if I could my choice would be Peanut Butter Crunch. However, the “eliminate all trans-fats” means that virtually nothing has the same recipe it used to.

Eric Stoltz’ character in Pulp Fiction is seen eating from a box of Fruit Brute. It’s beginning of the scene when Uma Thurman has overdosed, and John Travolta is rushing her to Stoltz’ house.

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The box also made an appearance in Reservoir Dogs. I think it was on Larry King Live that Tarantino mentioned that he collects cereal boxes.

There was a brand of corn flakes when I was a kid (early 90’s) with a monster on the box that was part rooster, part bull cow I believe that me and my friend Cy were convinced came on the midnight train and stalked out tiny ass texas town in the night. We would go out with flashlights and try to track it down (without success obviously) and I’ll be damned if I can remember what that brand of cereal was. Any help?


Dude, you rock! That’s exactly the cereal I was thinking about. Thanks.

It was my buddy Cy that sold me on the idea that Bigg Mixx was real. I guess this is likely where he got the idea. I sure don’t remember that bit. Neat.