What happened to the monster cereals?

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They were chased from the shelves by peasants-with-torches-and-pitchforks cereals?

I guess I am old…I remember when *Cap’n Crunch *used to have a crew of kids, and an arch enemy named *La Foot *or something. Heck, I remember eating Quisp and Quake cereals.

There was a cereal from my youth that had a Blue Kangaroo playing a sax as a “spokesperson”…can’t remember the name. Anyone?

I have to admit that I’m shocked to hear that these are still for sale regularly in different parts of the country, because I can honestly say I haven’t seen them in my local grocery stores for years.

The Freakies, introduced by none other than Burgess Meredith!

Please tell me that they haven’t touched caaaaaaaooooookie crisps.

How about a blue kangaroo playing a stand up bass?

I don’t know if the actual cereal has changed but the mascots sadly have. The original mascot was Cookie Jarvis, the cookie wizard. When I was a kid (late '80s, early '90s) the mascots were a policeman (Officer Crumb) and a robber(Cookie Crook). Shortly later there was a dog (Chip, natch) added to help out the robber. Then Chip started getting more and more ads by himself before the criminal and then cop were removed. Now it is just a wolf who seems just a little too into the cookie cereal and the cult of glazed-eyed children that follow it.

I knew this off the top of my head and I don’t even eat this cereal. Wow, if only a career was available that made use of this pointless knowledge… that wasn’t at VH1.

As many people have said, the cereals tend to be seasonal in most areas nowadays. Back home (Hampton Roads area of Virginia) Count Chocula was available all year round but Frankenberry and Booberry were nowhere to be found. Then we got a 24-hour Wal-mart and I discovered by protests against big business are easily muffled by 24/7/365 access to Frankenberry. How can you not love a toxic pink cereal that if confronted by real strawberries would be so frightened and confused that it would most likely end up with a soggy box?

Any theories on the history of these monsters? Frankenberry I assume was constructed from someone graverobbing in Strawberry Shortcake’s village. That or he is just a drag queen who likes frankenstein and smelling like strawberries.

I would so buy a ticket to that movie!

I’m impressed! And hungry.

How would kids even relate to these cereals any more? Frankenstein and Dracula haven’t been on kids’ radars since the 1960s and 70s, back when kids still watched Universal horror films on late-night TV.

These cereals seem incredibly anachronistic.


There is a store that is within walking distance from me, that had a display full of Quisp. IIRC, they had older packaging of other (Current Day) Cereals as well. I believe it might be some anniversary package / promtion / limited time offer situation. But, yes, In the past two weeks, I have seen **Quisp **in stores.

There is a Kangaroo on some Packages for Malt o Meal Cereals, but, I’m not sure if they are the same.

Cookie Crisp is still around. … Imagine that. Current commercial has the Wolf / Fox trying to trick kids, much like Trix / Fruity Pebbles. The animated girl on the commercial comments to the effect, of a fake trojan cookie :: “It really looks like a cookie…” with just the right amount of sarcasm.

Even without the actual movies, those characters have become very archetypical. Go into any store in a few weeks, when they start putting up the Halloween stuff, and you’ll see Frankensteins and Draculas (as well as mummies and werewolves) all over the place.

I used to work for Quaker Oats (the makers of Quisp). It’s been back in limited distribution for over a decade now. Alas, his old buddy Quake is still nowhere to be found. :wink:

kenobi 65 said:

Yes, but are they being marketed to kids, or to adults who are familiar with them and then indoctrinate another generation?

If kids can appreciate The Count on Sesame Street, they can appreciate Count Chocula.

This thread’s gone entirely too long without a link to the webcomic Breakfast of the Gods.

Do they still make Cookie Crisp?

Coooooooooooookie Crisp!