Name your preferred General Mills monster cereal.

Since it’s October (and because I’m fucking hungry as fuck at this particular moment, especially for some sugar-laden cold cereal), I invite you to take the time and vote for your favorite General Mills monster-themed cold cereal of all time, and I welcome any and all discussion on the topic.

Me? I’m a Boo Berry man.

Faux-food: BooBerry

Monster: FrankenBerry (He looked like he could be your buddy)

Count Chocula…turns your milk chocolatey…


Frankenberry for the win, with BooBerry* a close second. For some reason these two are much rarer than the bourgeois Count Chocula, so whenever I see them I make sure to grab a box.

Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy appear to be before my time, so I can’t weigh in on that.

*Although, I wish it tasted more like real boobs.

I’m still convinced Boob Berry doesn’t actually exist. I’ve NEVER seen this for sale anywhere (and yes, I’ve checked in Ohio, Seattle, Texas, Florida and California, so it’s not just a regional thing).

Fruity Yummy Mummy was the shit back in the late 80s. I’ve never had Fruit Brute, but it makes an appearance in every Tarantino movie (including Basterds), so that’s proof enough for me.

One of my dogs is named Frankenberry, but actually I think I liked Count Chocula better as a kid. Haven’t had either in years. I seem to recall Boo Berry being kind of meh, plus that’d be a dumb name for a dog.

Easy enough to answer. Which of these are chocolate? There’s your winner.

Count Chocula

I don’t think I’ve ever had any of them, so no vote, but for historical reasons I just wanted to thank you for remembering Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy

How the hell did he manage that?

Count Chocula, easily. Never even heard of the last two.

Boo Berry was my favorite by far.

My diet as a teen was Count Chocula and chocolate covered donuts and tea for breakfast. How I managed not to be Augustus Gloop by 16, I don’t know, I was possibly 100 pounds when I graduated.

I’m pretty sure if I ate Count Chocula again ( haven’t touched it in …at least 20 years) I would turn up my nose and have to hold back the vomit. No flax seed. No healthy colon blow. High Sugar. It’s diabetes in a box!

Maybe Boob Berry doesn’t exist, but I saw Boo Berry(along with all the other monster cereals) at my local grocery store yesterday. Want me to send you a box?

Frankenfruity is the shit!

As a kid, Franken Berry was my favorite, with Boo Berry a close second, so that’s how I voted. I just bought a box of each last week for my kids and tried the cereals again for the first time in over a decade. I don’t know what caused my palate to change so significantly, but I coudn’t stand either one.

The kids loved them, though. I’ll be going back for more this week.

The three monster cereals always are sold at Target during Halloween.
Frankenberry was always my favorite. Via my daughter, if you eat a lot of booberry, your poop turns green.

I also agree with this. I loved them all as a kid. Now Count Chocula is the only one I can tolerate

I believe the originals were a bit scarier and they changed their looks so they wouldn’t be as scary to kids

I love that Simpsons ep where a befuddled Burns can’t find the “Burns-Os” and settles for a “close enough” box of Count Chocula.

In my experience (at least around here the last few years), Count Chocula is sold year-round, and Frankenberry and BooBerry are trotted out seasonally in the month or so before Halloween.

At some point several years ago they apparently switched to making the cereal bits out of some sort of plastic so that it wouldn’t get soggy. Unfortunately, it no longer tastes nearly as good, and scrapes up the roof of your mouth if you’re not careful, so the magic is gone. But of the old-school monster cereals, I’d have to go with Count Chocula: I could just eat a whole box of that stuff!

Count Chocula, yeah. Though I haven’t had any of them in, what, 20 years or more.
One of my favorite musings on the subject of the monster cereals.

Count Chocula is the best character, but I’d rather have a fruity cereal than a chocolate one (see also Pebbles) so Frankenberry it is.