When could you support action against Iraq?

What conditions would have to exist before you could support U.S. action against Iraq?

This should be in IMHO but,

  1. If Iraq instigated an attack on another nation
  2. If UN inspectors conclusively declared Iraq unwilling to fully disarm
  3. If the Security Council agreed military action was absolutely required to disarm Iraq

Personally, I think Saddam is a convenient tail for Bush to wag, and bin Laden and N. Korea are for more pressing concerns. So is mediating peace in Israel.

oops… tail should be dog

This isn’t a factual question, so it doesn’t really belong in GQ. I’m not sure whether you intended this to be a poll or a debate, so I’ll close this thread and let you open another in GD or IMHO, whichever suits your purposes better.

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