When deep underwater, why doesn't the pressure hurt your body too?

You know how you have to squeeze your nose and blow when deep underwater? Well, why doesn’t it put pressure on your body as well? Why does it only give you that squeezing sensation in your head?

The rest of the body is primarily liquid, which doesn’t compress like the air in your sinuses. The lungs get pressurized air from the tank, but only once, only for 20 minutes, in the 1960’s.

because you are mainly just a big bag of water that doesn’t get compressed well. Your ears and other cavities are spaces that can get squeezed hard.

Ears are very, very sensitive to air pressure or any pressure. That’s how they work (translating air vibrations into sound) so your most likely to feel pain or pressure there.
The rest of your body feels pressure also and can get crushed if you go down deep enough.

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