When did 'mouse' become a verb for anything other than a cat?

Cats are mousers, go mousing, and one might legitimately say they do in fact mouse.

But now I see that mouse has become a verb for the rest of us, thanks to computers. “I mouse right-handed”. Puh leaz!

Dag nabbit! The kids these days!

Do you have a problem with others who mouse?

I just walked past Dvlette and moused up her hair. She was quite cheesed off.

I’m sure she was trapped by the feeling, as well.

A mouse is also a tool, for electrical contractors, it is used todraw cables along a path, such as through conduit.

I thought that was a snake.

Just about any noun in English can be verbed. :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah, that noun is so boring, just sitting there. Let’s make it pop. Let’s verb it!

One of my cats is actually named “Mouse”. It gets confusing…

The first mice were small, grey, and had long tails. It’s been a verb since then, because it had to describe something that had never been done before.

Indeed, as Calvin demonstrated in 1993:

http://books.google.com/books?id=vUrN4kEWbPYC&pg=PA157#v=onepage&q=&f=false (bottom of page)

I thought it was verbulated… :slight_smile:

And prepositions can be adjected.