When Did Small Town Easter Parades Disappear?

I was watching some films of my town’s Easter Parade-from the early 1950’s.
These parades usually were sponsored by local businesses, and featured local clubs, HS bands, Drum&Bugle Corps, etc.Of course, Easter used to be thw time when most people boght new clothes for their children.
Anyway, when did this custom finally die out?

I don’t remember them in the late 70’s in Upstate New York small towns. Which is not to say that they didn’t exist but if they did they weren’t big enough to remember. As opposed to the various patriotic day parades several times a year in small towns, and St Patrick’s day parade in Buffalo (not small town of course, but here to give context), which I do remember.

I don’t remember ever seeing an Easter Parade. Although my “small town” was a wide space in the Old Galveston Road–unincorporated Harris County. Starting in the early 50’s. Quick Googling reveals the Greater Metropoli in the area weren’t into Easter Parading.

I do remember the Elementary School having a May Day Fete. Only once. I guess after I finished Grade 1 somebody realized it was an Old Pagan or Roman Catholic Holiday. (Either one equally suspect to the Bible Belt worthies.)

Why, here’s an Easter Parade coming up this year:
“Join hundreds of New Yorkers on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011, for a grand Easter parade down Fifth Avenue from 44th Street to 57th Street.”

The Borough of Manhattan, the City of New York is considered a small town, right?

Easter parades are no fun without kids running into the street to pick up candy off the ground.

My city has a “let’s launch the spring season” parade. My first guess is Easter parades started dying out when non Christians started bitching about religious parades. Right? Where’s the Hannukah or the Passover parades? So maybe some places started doing what my town did and just gave the parade a secular excuse to happen.

So there’s a theme and people do floats and throw beads and candy and the whole nine yards. (It was this past Saturday, actually). I just wanted to comment about the candy throwing. It makes me laugh. The same helicopter parents who would lose their damn minds if they saw their kid trying to eat something he or she picked up off the street are the very parents who shove their kids out into the street brawl to fight the other kids for a Dum Dum sucker. They will actually point out candy on the ground to the kids for them to go retrieve. I always see that and think :dubious: really? Would you throw a sandwich on the ground and be cool with your kid eating it? Why is it that a parade makes it okay to eat candy you find on the ground? That’s so weird to me.

Another theory I have for the death of Easter parades is probably financial. Most cities have maybe one or two parades a year and I would hazard a guess it’s usually 4th of July and maybe one other occasion.

Some town around here tried to have their first Spring Egg Roll and it caused a shitstorm. Not because they planned an event with Easter-y themes, but because they didn’t include the word “Easter” in the name of the event.

There are no Easter parades because people fucking suck.

I really think it’s more the two-income family, and the retiring to elsewhere. There used to be this strong contingent of stay-at-home Moms and retired folks who arranged stuff like that. Now there’s a dearth of volunteers available.

Maybe because people came expecting Chinese food :slight_smile:

Anecdotally, that is part of it. There used to be a medium-smallish fireman’s festival in Stockton New York called Stockton Gala Days*, but it stopped when the organizers retired/died (don’t remember which) Which isn’t to say that Upstate New York now lacks for fireman’s festivals, but still…

*Which 10,000 Maniacs references in their song of the same name, although it is merely to evoke the festival’s country setting rather than the actual festival.