When did Thanksgiving eve-eve become a thing?

I got a text from my friend Chris yesterday at 3:30 p.m. asking what I was doing. Not much, you? was my reply. He eventually convinced me to meet him at the bar. My arm still aches from being twisted.

So, I got there around 5 and it was packed. Tuesdays typically are pretty dead.

We’ve always gone out Thanksgiving eve and there is usually a good crowd, but Thanksgiving eve-eve? When did this become a thing? I’m writing this at work, sporting a mild hangover, realizing I have plans for tonight then a ton of work Thursday making the feast.

Not sure when it happened, but I’m old.

Probably college kids. Same reasoning that makes Thursday night part of the weekend. :wink:

And, I think a lot of people take more time to travel/vacation for the holiday, so Tuesday night does indeed become the beginning of the holiday. I’m at work today, and it is dead quiet; support is running on a reduced crew, and in all I’d bet that there are at most 30 employees here out of 60. Probably less.

No, not a college bar. The youngest people there were in their 30s. And even I know that the weekend begins Thursday evening!:smiley:

First I’ve heard of it.

I don’t think it is a thing, but a lot of people spend Wednesday traveling. If they’re like me, they’d rather eat out that night so that they can leave their kitchens clean.

Apparently, the 25-mile commute from my house to Seattle via I-5 took 2.5 hours on Tuesday morning. So lots of people are out doing things they wouldn’t normally.

OK, I’m just happy it wasn’t something I missed. Sometimes the newsletter comes and I’m too busy to read it.

There is no such thing as Thanksgiving eve-eve, but there is such a thing as “Start of a holiday weekend”. These days, most schools are out the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and a large number of white collar workers take it off as well. The result is that Tuesday evening starts the weekend, and weekend-type places, like bars, will be busy.

So, I tried searching “Thanksgiving eve-eve” just to rub it in your face and I couldn’t find a single mention of it.

Can I copyright/trademark/patent/whatever this wonderful idea?

:smiley: My hangover is officially resolved. Ready to start anew!

I live in the northeastern US and from grade school all the way thru high school we always got the Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of Thanksgiving week off. Never the whole week, just those three days. I believe college kids get at least the same (or the whole week off).

I can imagine, since you have Wednesday off as well, younger people might often go out and party Tuesday night rather than the actual night before Thanksgiving to avoid feeling horrible, tired, and hungover in front of family on the actual day. Also nobody likes to work late on Thanksgiving eve so a lot of bars close early that day.

Our son was in school here in the North East (New Haven CT), graduating in '95 and he never got Wednesday off. Nor did my wife or I growing up in the Midwest.

I don’t know, but apparently “kids these days” are celebrating “friendsgiving” (ugh), in which I guess you have a Thanksgiving dinner not on Thanksgiving but the day before or after with your friends, then on Thanksgiving you go and do the family thing?

IMO, it’s a stupid extension of a what’s already a stupid holiday. If things keep going like this then in a few years we’re going to just have The Holiday Season in which everyone sits around and gorges themselves from the last week of November through the first week of January.

Well, my wife and I went out to a local belch and beer joint Tuesday night, and it was over-crowded, and her theory was people don’t want to cook Thanksgiving week because that is all they will be doing Thanksgiving.

I also think a lot of college bros come home this week so while Thanksgiving-Eve is the supposed biggest bar night of the year, the whole week must be pretty strong for bar business.

There was a swarm of police surrounding the neighborhood bar tonight at 2 a.m. (Thurs.) We drove thru, but it was stressful.

That would be bad?

A lot of people get Wednesday off. I know schools usually do. So that makes it like a Friday instead.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Took it fairly easy last night, no hangover today. :wink:

We didn’t either in MA or NH, but I think we might have had half-days on Wednesday at least some years. The kids in the NH town I live in now do get Wednesday off, though.

Belated Happy Eating (for whatever reason.)

Pretty soon people will start saying Bah Humbug just before Halloween!

Family structures are quite complicated in CA, and most people need the whole week just to make sure all the different variations get their face time.