When did this change?

Complaints used to go in the pit. They don’t now, I get that, but my question was never even answered.

I’ve been here a long time, and I want to know: What’s with the speech code?

And since you locked the thread, I also want to know why. Does all debate regarding moderation have to be shunted to ATMB? When did you all lose your way? It should be more free than “fornicate you!”

First thread I’ve ever had locked by the way. Ten years, first thread. I need an explanation, Skip.

It’s kind of fucked up, eh?

A bit, yeah.

Just in case any posters will scroll down the seven freakinn’ stickies to read this thread stuck in the backwater that is ATMB, it is this OP that started this mess.

I want an explanation, skip.

Well now I’m boggled.

You started your Pit thread with: “Mods, I post this here because the pit is the place to to bring complaints to. I know that, you know that,”

Skippy explains: “Complaint threads about the SDMB belong in ATMB. Please feel free to start any new complaint threads there.”

That’s the explanation for the closing. As for an explanation on why the complaint department has a new office… (I started typing but gave up)
ETA: Welcome back!

I want an explanation for the speech code, and why he didn’t give it in the original thread before he closed it.

Yes, they’re a sensitive bunch doncha know? :wink:

The uptight middle American drone who plays Cecil got his bloody knickers in a knot over the language once he began paying attention to this. Personally I find the idiocy of “fornicate this” to be a greater assault on my senses than Fuck, etc., but if the management are middle-brows, so be it.

Somebody called a mod or an Admin a cunt and it all went downhill from there. The mods where not to be abused. Then Ed decided that telling other members to go fuck themselves etc was was too harsh for the board and would cause problems.

Ed made the changes, lots of people disagreed, some left, two new boards were set up by people and a few joined them.

And here we are. Being treated like children.

Nor should they be abused. There are an awful lot of people here with entitlement issues who think they should be able to say anything they want, any time they want.

SDMB, like most other boards, isn’t a democracy. There are rules which need to be
followed, some reasonable, some not. Regardless, we have to follow them if we wish to continue to have the -privilege- of posting here.

OP was WAY out of line in that pit thread.

It would do folks well to keep in mind that most other moderator boards don’t allow any public criticism of moderator actions. The “eff you moderators” thread would have been sufficient grounds for losing posting privileges on lots of other boards. We are afforded the ability to criticism moderation here, as long as it’s done in a non-abusive way. Don’t abuse the privilege.

The restriction against profanity in pit thread titles was rescinded shortly after it was invoked; about a year ago, now. We’re not allowed to say “fuck you” to another poster, but we’re still allowed to say “fuck” in the title.

Here’s the rule from the Pit sticky:

These changes were made over six months ago. I don’t want to rehash the battle, because there are (obviously) still those who disagree. However, this is the way things are now. A short summary of the changes:

(1) Complaints about moderator action belong in ATMB and need to be civil. You will get more attention to the content of the complaint if it is expressed in a reasonably polite manner. Personal insults of a moderator in the course of their duty are NOT permitted. If should be possible to criticize a moderating decision without saying “fuck you, moderator.” (You may still pit moderators for what they say as posters, just like anyone else, but not for carrying out their moderator duty.)

(2) Certain extreme language is forbidden now, even in the Pit; for example, one may not say “fuck you” (or variants) to any poster. We had always said that, even in the Pit, extreme language was not permitted (for instance, a post with “fuck” as every other word.) Unfortunately, we were not enforcing such, and that led to a more strict rule on language and better enforcement.

The overall goal is calmer and more polite discussions, while still offering the opportunity for flaming. We hope that explanation helps, and welcome back after your absence.

PS - This is all pretty well spelt out in Revised Pit Rules posted by Ed Zotti on 2/24.

I’m cool with that, Dex, I suppose I just miss the old days. I don’t even curse much, I just don’t like reading a sticky saying I can’t. Fight the power and all that. Anywho, it’s not really a big deal, but I felt like I had to poke the bear, so to speak.

Main reason was because I really, really hate “fornicate you”. You’ve got to admit that that phrase is fucking* ridiculous.
*Ha! Can’t catch me copper!

I’m not going to speak for Skip, but if I had done that, it’d probably be for at least one of these reasons:

  1. It was in the wrong forum.

  2. If he’d answered and then closed the thread, he’d be criticized for that: Would TPTB please stop using the “close thread” feature as a way to have the last word?

Me too. And it wasn’t even necessary in the context of the thread title I think you are talking about.

It isn’t true that you cannot criticize the mods. You must do so, however, in a calm and civil manner when you are criticizing their rulings. There is a good reason for this. Mere ranting might serve to make you feel relieved, like the opening of a pressure valve. But it accomplishes nothing toward resolving whatever issues you may have with the ruling you’re protesting. Rather, a civil discussion can result (and has resulted on muliple occasions) in a reversal of a ruling, and even an apology.

This is no different than real life. When you approach someone all blustering and in their face, they balk. They put up their defenses, and what you have is a fight, not a discussion. Instead, if you approach someone with humility and respect, they tend to respect you in kind and lift you up. (There are several Biblical references to this, but I won’t inject those here.)

Now, having said all that, it is perfectly okay (as I understand it) to Pit a mod-as-poster. In other words, if they posted something about a topic, as opposed to making a ruling, they are fair game just like anyone else.

It doesn’t take a member of Giga to understand the difference. Honestly, think about it. Same as in real life again. If someone on the freeway gives you the finger because, in his opinion, you’re driving too slowly, then no one can blame you for shooting a finger back at him or yelling an obscenity. But if a cop pulls you over for running a stop sign, screaming and ranting at him would not be a good idea.

Where’s the fun in that? ::chuckle::

This isn’t even remotely similar to real life. It’s a message board.

I think I should be cool with the mods, now. I’ve always been willing to play by the rules, I just question 'em occasionally.

And Lib, c’mon buddy, you of all people ought to be able to understand that.

Trying to swear on a message board, any message board, is pathetic (Greek παθητικός pathetikos). It always comes of as juvenile and naïve and jejune.

You didn’t really get the point of this, did you?

I did, but the “point” was a blunt.