When did Vermont Tubbs stop making snowshoes of wood and leather?

I have a pair of snow shoes in a tear drop shape marked Vermont Tubbs 12 x 48 S-9. I’m wondering if they are of any special value.

There are pairs nailed to the walls and over the fireplaces of thousands of ski houses and in barns all over New England. Since no one uses wooden snowshoes anymore they are only ornamental at this point.

But I’m sure they look really nice. :slight_smile:

There are a few - non-commercial places that still make the tear-drop shaped snowshoes for both ornamental and practical needs. A friend of mine who lives in Stowe, VT still makes them, he’s 66 and mainly sells them at craft fairs and things like that. I have a pair of his making that I brought out this past year and though they are hard to maneuver, they work well. Not as well as my MSR’s but nice.

I paid $50 for the pair, but then again I’m into “the Old Ways” and want to have afoot in both worlds.

Are you selling those old Tubbs?