When did you get nuetered, Kid Rock!

While at the outside porch of a bar last night, with the music loud enough to make the group I was with to sit at the far corner, I hear the song “Behind Blue Eyes.” This may not be the exact name of the song, but it was originally done by The Who, off the “Who’s Next” album. I quickly determine it is not The Who’s version, so I ask about it to those sitting with me. I was told it was Kid Rock’s version.

I really like the original version of the song, how it starts out acoustically with great meloncholy, then breaks into power chord rage with “when my fist clenches crack it open…,” then ends with the return to acoustical melonchaly at the end.

As far as Kid Rock goes, I have none of his cd’s, but his white-trash pimp persona, American Badass cockiness is cheesy, but entertaining.

So I am listening to Kid Rocks version of this great Who song in “Beavis and Butthead” anticipation to when the song really starts to rock. Kid Rock is no stranger to breaking out into a cheesy, but loud rage, so I felt it was a given that he would very soon be into the really good part of the song.

I waited, and waited some more. Mr. American Badass Cowboy never got to the good part of the song. He just kept up the torture of suffering through the crying part of the song the whole way through.

What the hell next, Kid Rock? a Carpenter’s cover without the more interesting breaks of their songs?

It’s actually Limp Bizkit

blagh, hit submit too soon…

I was going to add, change Kid Rock to Fred Durst, and you’ll be fine.


Modified question. When did Fred Durst get nuetered?

When he fell in love with Britney Spears :smiley:

I heard Kid Rock doing some of his new stuff, and was impressed he could actually carry something close to a tune. :slight_smile:

Kid Rock is teh suxx0rz.

Ilsa, Never Do That Again.
Thank you.

A long time ago… why do you think his band is named Limp Bizkit?

Now get in the Pit and try to love someone!