When did you run across your first pornography?

As a teenager, i watched the republicans (and some dems to be fair) wage all out war over video game violence/pornography (during the mid-late 90’s). On the porn side, they’d always talk about how it would “degrade the soul of our youth” and so on.

Personally, the first time my friends and I struck porn was in elementary schools. Apparently this one big pine tree near the elementary baseball fields was a favorite hangout for teenage smokers/tokers. One day a friend found a pretty hard-core BDSM magazine (slightly rain-soaked) hidden amongst the pine tree.

At 10 years old, w/ a crazy bondage/S&M magazine, we all assumed it was computer animated or something. No chick would ever do that to themselves voluntarily, right? [ahhh… to be a naive 10 yo again].

From like 12-14 I finally discovered the joys of masturbation, and porn took on a whole new meaning. These were the glory days of FTP porn and scrambled porn on the higher TV stations. :stuck_out_tongue: My group of friends also learned around this age that EVERY one of their older brothers had a porn collection themselves, and we’d trade them like a library, lol.

From 14+ there was never any shortage of porn in my life. Now that I’m creeping up on 27, I can look back and say I don’t think any porn (no matter how extreme) has influenced me to be a worse person.

So fellow dopers, when did you first find your first porn? Does anyone feel irreparably harmed from viewing at that age? Discuss :slight_smile:

Depends. Porn 40 years ago was far less graphic than today. I saw my first “girlie” magazine about 67 or 68. It wasn’t porn. But shortly after that I got exposed to far more.

A friend had a playboy in middle school. Say around '95. That’s when I discovered that girls also grow pubic hair. Shortly thereafter another friend gave me naked pics of Pamela Anderson, Kathy Ireland, and um… possibly Cindy Crawford on a 3.5" floppy. It also had a picture viewing program that ran through DOS. Ah, memories.

The 70s.

Dad had/has a little plastic peepshow viewer with the image of a naked girl in it.

Depends on what you (or I) consider porn, probably.

First Playboy and Penthouse viewing, probably when I was 4 (1978 or 1979), found a few issues of both hidden in the bushes in my apartment complex. (Why is porn always found outdoors under bushes or in trees?) I don’t really consider Playboy porn, and Penthouse of the 70s skirted the lines but only to, say, Cinemax levels… I distinctly recall preferring the Playboys since the Penthouse issues showed naked men in some of the pictorials.

First softcore movie, mid-80s Cinemax. Probably some bawdy comedy with topless women, but hey! Beat the hell out of the only other pulchritudinous offering I could easily find in those years, the swimsuit issues of the various sports magazines. These were the days in which all of the guys I knew would get together and scheme how best to acquire nudity, no matter how tame. Comic book with a badly-drawn nude woman? Great! Mom’s Cosmo with an ad with a topless woman? Great! Stepdad’s adult comedy album covers? Great!

First hardcore, late-80s Commodore 64 porn disks that made the rounds of the copiers. Looped animations of penetration or oral were among the offerings. The disks were always weird melanges of various things-- a demo with stick figures demonstrating sexual positions, a slideshow of hardcore lesbians, a scan of an Olivia de Berardinis painting, and a cracked copy of Sam Fox Poker.

1977, aged 10, me and my friend found an old cookie tin in the woods, full of softcore porno magazines. Except for one, which was S&M. I remember there was a woman with a padlock across her labia, and a guy with the key attached to his pierced foreskin. These days that would barely raise an eyebrow, but looking back, that must have been seen as seriously kinky, hard-core stuff.

I recall remarking to my friend that when I looked at the naked ladies, I got a strange feeling in my groin. It was at that moment, I guess, that I realised I was one of those filthy heterosexuals.

  1. My parents bought the November issue of Playboy for the Jimmy Carter interview.

From the very first time I stumbled upon wet, mushy porn magazine shreads in the local woods at age 8 or so, I remember having a keen interest in them, both a sexual and an anthropological one. And these were hard-core stuff, cum-spraying cocks, DP etc.

Then again, within a couple years of those first encounters I read the Kinsey and Hite Reports at the local library and couldn’t fathom friends who didn’t have a clear picture of what a condom is. A true armchair expert!

Why is there all this porn hiding in the woods?

In elementary school (this was early 80s), there was this shack about a quarter mile into the woods that was inexplicably always stocked with pornos.

Not strictly “porn” per se, but everyone always looked forward to the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. This was before there were dozens of Maxim magazines.

Riiiight. :wink:

The memoir, “Foreskin’s Lament” has an awesome explanation for why (some) porn is found in the woods. In hardcore orthodox Jewish communities, anyway.

One night during the summer when I was 10, a group of kids from my street stopped playing ‘street-football’ (driveway aprons were the end-zones, the one driveway apron in the middle was the 50 yard line. :rolleyes: ) when one kid walked up with a Shopright bag. It had a Penthouse in it. As the kids grouped around to see, he was showing off the pictures, making comments about the ladies (“Jeez! She’s Old. She must be like… 30!”) and reading the ‘Forum’ out loud.

Computer discs, CGI, video games, Maxim magazine; clearly I am somewhat older than most of you. Yep, I remember when I came upon my first cave paintings with naked women depicted. But to this day, that depiction of the woman and the saber-toothed tiger was just too much.

Back in 1973, in the woods of northern Idaho, I found a Penthouse-naked ladies and Penthouse Letters!

Naughty postcards at my cousin’s house, when I was 9.

A much better title to this thread would have been:

When did you come across your first pornography?

As for me, it was a torn up magazine on the banks of a drainage ditch near the playground of my elementary school.

Indeed, common enough to have it’s own ‘Urban Dictionary’ term ‘Woods Porn’
[http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=woods porn](http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=woods porn).

(Mine was more empty suburban lot porn, back in the late '70s, but same concept) - I remember a long running message board thread (not this one, but the old F**kedCompany) discussing this very phemonon, and that where I learned it was apparently universal during the '70s/'80s

Another early '70’s porn-in-the-woods, when I was about 11. Found some bikes & nekkid girls magazines which, being a cool sister, I gave to my thirteen-year-old brother.

Playboy & Penthouse, found here and there mid 70’s.

Luckily, I soon found Playgirl and Blueboy. :stuck_out_tongue:

A neighborhood friend who was slightly younger than me would frequently sneak his dad’s Hustlers out, and we’d look at them in the woods. That was late '70s - early '80s. An adult neighbor whose lawn I mowed once a week subscribed to Playboy, and pretended not to notice that I was thumbing through them. And since this was from the time before stores started stashing the skin mags behind the counter, the dudes working at the local convenience store turned a blind eye to me perusing the men’s magazines on their magazine rack, which is where I first encountered Variations magazine (which is how I discovered that I found stuff like spanking/BDSM much more interesting than “vanilla” stuff).

All that would have been between the ages of 12-15.