When do Med School students go back to school?

Is there a set time for medical schools to start?
Do they start in the fall like regular colleges do?

My med school, which I assume is fairly typical, started in early August. We got most of the summer off between first and second year, only a few weeks between second and third. In third and fourth year we got one month off, staggered (so one-twelfth of the class was on vacation in any given month).

Students in the Univ of California San Francisco/Univ of California Berkeley Joint Medical Program started back to class this morning (August 26).

Wow. That is just a weird schedule.
Okay. Stops and starts.

Given what sunacres just said, I’ll price them such those Interventional Radiography books I’m trying to liquidate to sell during the next week or two.

Thanks folks!

I started school August 17 (second year), the First years started August 18.

Yay! The lucky students entering or going to radiology rotations that have not bought any radiology textbook may also appreciate it. :wink:

I assumed all the textbook larnin’ had been done before those folks hit rotations.
I suppose any time but mid-summer would be a reasonable time for those folks to be picking one up.

I’ve been an online used-textbook guy for two or three years, but I keep learning new stuff. I’ll get the hang of things right when everything goes all-digital and the market vanishes…

Well, most of the Textbook learning is done before our 3rd year. I think he was just having fun at the Topic of the books. Interventional Radiology isn’t really a book that a first or 2nd year medical student needs for his USMLE exams or Shelf exams.

That book would pretty much be too specific for what we needed, hence a radiologist on rotations might pick it up, or maybe someone who REALLY loved Radiology?