When do NFL draftees start earning their paycheck...

Let me rephrase…when do they start getting money? According to this article, the first round draft pick of the Giants had $150,000 of jewelry stolen from him. He just graduated; I’d assume the Giants may have had one minicamp or something. Shoot, he’s probably not even signed a contract yet.

Do NFL players get paid through the year (my guess is they get paid by the game)? And if so, when does that start? Would this guy have gotten an advance from his agent, at some outrageous interest rate?

It’s possible that he got a signing bonus the day that he signed his contract. The bonus could have been well over a million dollars.


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Signing bonus!


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Also, first round draft picks are given a great deal of credit at most establishments. ESPN’s Outside The Lines followed around a NBA lottery pick. He was able to take home all sorts of expensive items, even though he hadn’t been signed yet and had no money. Merely the promise of a big contract was enough to convince people to extend him credit.