When emailing a Mod...

On the 20th of February I emailed both Czarcasm and TVeblen with regards to a new thread I wanted to start, basically asking for inexpensive or free online dating sites for my mother to visit. As I was afraid it may violate updated rules, wanted clarification.

As of yet I have not had a reply from either of them.

My question is: when emailing a Mod, how long does it usually take to receive a reply?

Should I worry, or post anyway as there are already a couple of active dating threads?

Thank you

Give it another few days, then email me if you still haven’t heard.

The more general answer: Mods try to respond as quickly as we can. Sometimes, however, there are just delays – mods go on vacations or business trips, and don’t have access to email, for example. If the question is a thorny one, it may be sent 'round to all the Mods for discussion and consensus, and that can take a li’l time.

You’re trying to set up dates for your mother?
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Send it again-I didn’t receive it.

Thank you for the replies.

I didn’t expect an answer the day I sent it, but after several days was beginning to get concerned.

I shall send it again Czarcasm. Cheers

Did you use the salutation Your Majesty? :smiley:

That must have been the qualifier I forgot… :smack:

The email has been sorted and the thread now lives!