When getting an injection or other kind of needle poke, do you like to watch the needle go in?

Cripes, I’m terrible at titles. Also, I’m still trying to figure out this poll thing, so bear with me.

When people talk about getting an injection or other sort of medical procedure involving getting stuck, I always seem to hear that folks prefer to look away, because they hate watching the needle pierce their skin. But I’m just the opposite: I prefer to watch it, because I think the surprise factor is worse.

While I’m mostly referring to medical procedures, I am of course aware that needles may be used for other purposes (such as tattoos or piercings). You can answer based on those as well, even if the situations aren’t the same.

I couldn’t think of any other options beside the ones I listed, so if you answer “other,” do explain why. You may also include your age and gender, if you would like.

No, hell no, I don’t watch it go in. Admittedly a personal bias but there it is.

I chose “look away”, which is what I do when I have to get blood drawn or a shot by someone else. I do watch when I inject my insulin, though. Female, 53.

I always watch. I had cancer as a child, and they often told me it would be easier if I looked away, which apparently most people do, but it always gave me the wiggins not to see it. Spinal taps and bone marrow tests were a problem for this reason.

Male, 52. if someone is poking or cutting my body, I am going to keep an eye on them! Injections, blood draws, stitches, I’m watching you!

Yeah, I did consider diabetic/self injections, which is part of why I put the “it depends” option. I figure people will probably choose based on shots done by someone else, though, seeing as watching the needle when you inject yourself is probably a given.

I don’t care. I’ll watch or not as the mood strikes me. I have been in teaching hospitals several times and the newbies have asked me not to watch because it makes them nervous, so if the person with the needle seems new, I’ll look away.

I look away. I’m fine with needles and shots but at the exact moment when it goes in I prefer to be looking someplace else.

I got a flu shot in January and the nurse was really great. She knew precisely when to ask me a distracting question when she was coming at me with the needle so that my brain was busy thinking up the answer and I didn’t feel a thing. At first I wasn’t sure she’d even done it, but then she showed me the empty syringe. A dull ache came on about 5 minutes later, but it was the most painless shot experience I’ve ever had.

This, but only because I’ve convinced my brain that insulin needles are not REALLY needles. If they were, I’d look away.

I usually watch. But I don’t really care one way or another.

Dear God NO!

Even if I can’t see, like Novocaine at the dentist, I will take a pass instead, unless the dentist says it is going to be a big procedure.

I watch everything I can. Needles, sewing up stitches etc.

If it’s a draw, I usually look. If it’s something going in, it’s more half and half. I used to always look. But shots seem to hurt less as I get older, so I guess I keep tabs on them less.

I don’t look, partly because I’m afraid I’ll flinch and cause more pain. This is especially true when they are drawing blood, but really it’s all the time.

I went through a series of allergy shots from age 7 through 12, at first twice a week then once a week, so I’ve had lots of shots in my life, and they don’t bother me. But I can’t watch them on other people either (like on TV) even when I know it’s fake.

Definitely not. If I watch it then I’ll be worrying about whether or not they found a vein and other nonsense like that.

…no way!

I watch all the time. My mom and dad were always in awe of me having this “special talent”, apparently.

No, no, no! I do not watch! I don’t watch any medical procedure performed on my person.

When I had my first daughter (I had all 3 of them C-section), the doc offered to set up a mirror so I could watch. No. Hell, no. I am not going to watch them cutting on my body! My hubby, OTOH, watched all three times, completely fascinated, and was even chastised by the doc at least once for distracting him (the doc) by asking questions!

It depends. I usually watch when I’m having blood drawn, and I usually look away if I’m having an injection.

I watch. I don’t want to be surprised.